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  1. I just turned off indexing for the field that is used to populate the value list, then turned indexing back on. Unfortunately that did not resolve the issue.
  2. I have a database that contains a value list that is made up of values from a field (Person's Name) in one table. In a layout for a related table, I have a drop-down list that uses the value list. Recently I noticed that some of the items (Names) that should be in the value list/drop down list do not appear. I have the value list to sort the names, so when selecting the drop-down list I see names in ABC order. The names that do not appear are towards the end of the alphabet (ex: Walter Smith.) However if I change the name of Walter Smith to AWalter Smith, it then shows up, but then one of the names that previously showed up at the bottom is not there anymore. The table that the value list populates from only has 807 records. I dont think there is a limit to the number of values you can have in a drop down list, or at least not one I've encountered before or have been able to find in any documentation. I do know it is not a problem with the value list because if I cahnge the field to a popup menu instead i do see all of the Names! I need to keep using a drop-down list because the list is so long (800 + values) it takes forever to scroll through a popup menu, especially since you cant start to type the first part of the name and have it move down to that section in the menu. Any ideas on whats going on?
  3. I am writing a script to create a PDF, and I want to send this as an attachment. I am using the "Save Records As PDF" Script step, and checked the option to attach it to an email message...BUT there is nowhere to specify the TO and Subject fields for this email (like there is in the Send Email script step.) Is there a way to work around this and specify the recipient, because I am trying to avoid the user from having to look up the address and enter it in the email message every time. thank you
  4. I have a database which will be hosted through IWP. Both guests need access to view a few layouts with no password as welll as a few registered users who need to log in to view more layouts. IF both guest and the other privilege sets have fmiwp extended privileges they get a login box when accessing the database...for "guests" it may be too confusing for them to know to select guet and may try to enter some other type of account info. Is there a way to default to guest login and then have authenticated users login on top of that later? Ive already tried telling the file to login using the guest account in File Options, and made a button with the "re-Login" action attached. When the relogin button is clicked, the page reloads the currently viewed page and does not allow for login. any help/tips are appreciated. thank you
  5. THANKX y'all for the help. The problem was indeed the way I set up the calc. field. It was set to evaluate to a number, not text. I guess that number is the default, and I just overlooked cahnign it on that particular field.
  6. The first field is fully indexed. The second field, I am trying to sort by, is a calculated field (it concatanates Last name, First name). The settings for the calculated field are: set to store calculations, and be fully indexed. I did change the second field to be just last name, a text field, as opposed to the calculation field, and it showed all 400 people in ABC order by last name... So the problem seems to be with using the calculation field as the second field, and sorting by that calculation field. I could just use last names, but with 400 people in the list, there are sure to be multiple smith's, johnson's, etc.. so that wouldnt help. Any ideas on why I am having the problems with the calculation field, and how to resolve it? thank you
  7. I have made a value list to use on a field where the user selects an ID number (the PK for a related table). The value list is set up to contain values from a field. This works fine. I have 400 records, and the value list has 400 items. This is good, except the user has no idea what ID number is associated with which name. So I have also displayed values from a secind field (the name field). This still works fine, except there are 400 items in the list, so it would be nice to sort them alphabetically by last name. When I go in and tell it to sort by the second field, then the field with the value list attached to it only displays two items instead of 400. I have checked the option to show all values, not only related values. To sum it up, everything works fine until I tell it to sort by the second field, which causes the value list to display only 2 instead of the 400 items. it is essential to sort by the sencond field, since the first field (ID/PK) means nothing to the client and thus would be a hassle to scroll through 400 items without any type of meaning to the sorting of them.
  8. Is that update included in the FileMaker Server 7v4 update? Or is it something seperate from that?
  9. I have a report layout that is used to display records in a found set for users through IWP. The problem I am having is that this layout is only showing 5 records on screen, and only printing out these five records (five is all that will fit on a page), instead of all of the records in a found set. Is there any way to get all of the records show up at once? The users can not scroll through the pages because the navigation bar has been disabled for the users (and needs to stay that way).
  10. I have three layouts that use radio buttons in a database I am hosting with IWP. When using FM Pro, the radio buttons are all listed one per line in a neat-looking way because of how I sized the field containing them. However whe viewing these layouts online, they are sloppy looking. The options are not organised at all and fit as many on a line as possible. Does anyone know of a way to get them looking better through IWP?
  11. Is it possible to have a portal within a portal? Heres a basic idea: You have authors who write articles that are put into journals. Each journal has multiple articles. Each article has one or more authors. I want to have a layout using the journal table. On this layout I want a portal showing details of each article in the journal. Within the portal row for each article I want a portal (or some way) of showing the author(S) for the article. I tried placing a second portal for the authors in the first portal. it works part way--it shows the author if there is only one. If there is more than one author, it just shows one author and leaves the other rows blank. Am I doing something wrong, is there a better/easier way, or is it not possible? thankx
  12. I am having a similar problem, but a little different. The papser size is selected as letter, but when you go into layout mode, the page margins are at some larger size (something like 18 x 11.) So when you print, the printer is wanting a different size paper than what we are trying to print on, eventhough it is set to letter size...
  13. The print restore is in the script. When they go in and set thier settings, that is when the problem happens. When a change is made on the advanced printing options (such as scaling down to 95%, or any other option), the paper size changes itself. This happens even when not using a script, when just going to File-Print.
  14. The problem was originally noticed when running a script. The script does contain the Print[Restore] step. In trying to determine if it was a script problem, I just went to File-Print and manually did everything. The same problem happeend when I went to the advances settings. So it does not seem to be a script problem.
  15. I am working with a database than was converted from FM 6 to 7. When I go to print, the settings look ok, the paper size is letter. When I click the advanced button and change anyhting in there (such as scaling, or number of copies to print), the paper size changes itself to some odd size such as 17" x 11" and the document does not want to print because the printer has letter size paper. It is not a problem with the layout, it is a pretty small layout and well fits onto a letter-size page. I went back to the original .fp5 file and it works fine. it is also not a problem with the printer or driver because I have tried it on two different computers printing to a few different printers. I do not know what is causing this other than I have heard there are a lot of weird printing issues with FM 7. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas?
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