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    # of Unique Client Records

    Many thanks!!!!! This got me what I needed. The users are very happy now!! Thanks to you both, comment & queue!!!
  2. In 8.0, I have status records related to client records. There can be many status change records per client. When I do a find on status record types, I'll get several records with duplicate client ID's. Lets say there's 10 records, 2 per client. The number of unique Client ID's would be 5. Problem: How can I setup a calculation field that will correctly show the # of unique Client ID's in each found set?? Thanks in advance for your HELP!
  3. MerlinWannaBe

    PDF's in containers print terrible.

    Previous statement: (09/29/05 04:05 PM - Post#177539 In response to dkemme I'm afraid I copped out of the multipage PDF problem by creating a script that opens the PDF in Acrobat....thus allowing easy and accurate viewing and printing...) Can you provide detail on how you built the script to open PDF's in Acrobat? I'm assuming you stored the PDF in a container filed & then ran it externally. Having trouble getting this to work... Thanks!
  4. MerlinWannaBe


    Lee Smith advised me of your gift...THanks!! I was having problems as well. Are there other issues with it that you know of?? THanks Again!
  5. Fenton, I see your point. Thanks for the advice. I'll give it a shot!!
  6. Thank you sooooooo much for this heads up. Hard to be new and learn from corrupt files! FM Forums is an amazing resource! Thanks again!
  7. I cannot see how to script or calculate the result I need. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm new to this depth within FMP. I'm using a copy of the "FileMAker Solution Framework" provided at FM site for Sales of Inventory via its Invoicing logic, etc. I have added a "Select field" in Customer Record, values = blank,1,2,3,4,5,6. Let's say the"Select field" = 3. When adding a line item to an Invoice, using a drop-down list attached to the Product ID field in the line, I want the "Price" field to pull or look up the price (in the Products File) from the "Price3" field. If =4 use "Price4" field, etc. I had hoped it could be done using the "Calculated Value" feature in the Field Options of the Line Item "Price" field. I've tried all I can think of. The books I have are no help. HELP!! HELP!!

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