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  1. Rikturscale

    Filemaker 9 and Fonts on a Mac

    3of9.ttf nor the 3of9.mrf seem to work (though they do with Filemaker 6 and all my other programs.)
  2. Rikturscale

    Filemaker 9 and Fonts on a Mac

    It is showing as "installed" in font book. We also checked for problems AND reinstalled the font.
  3. Filemaker 9.0v3 2.8 GHz intel core 2 duo, running 10.5.4 1.83 GHz intel core duo, running 10.5.4 1.8 GHz Power PC G5, running 10.4.10 I am having an issue with using the Code 3 of 9 barcode font with Filemaker 9. It is working on the same computers with Filemaker 6, but will not even display in Filemaker 9 (I get a default readable font.) Any ideas?
  4. Rikturscale

    Have a problem

    Though it is asking for the full file name, including the extension.
  5. Rikturscale

    Have a problem

    No, I use Underscores instead of periods.
  6. Rikturscale

    Have a problem

    That is the odd thing. The script step works on the host computer fine, but EVERY Import script makes me select the file when I run it remotely. I have gone into the Script and deleted the Import Step and recreated it, pointing at the file I wish to import from using the file reference for the file, but every time I run the script remotely it Can't find file XXX.XXX and makes me find it remotely... and this happens Each time I run the script, even if I point it out one time, I can instantly run the script again and I am forced to find it again. :
  7. Rikturscale

    Have a problem

    Actually it is specifically the Import Script Step in every one of my databases. It has the correct file reference, but forces me to find the file remotely for every import and the file is always sitting in the remote list (I can even go to "Windows" and go to the file directly, though that doesn't help with the script.)
  8. Rikturscale

    Have a problem

    I have a solution that is various files (for Module sake) and I just upgraded it to Filemaker 9. The issue I am having is the Import script step. When I open the file remotely, it does not see the files it is to import from over the network, even those are files that are already open over the network. The script works flawlessly on the host computer, but not remotely.
  9. Rikturscale

    Narrowing Portal Entries

    That just blanks out the portal
  10. Rikturscale

    Narrowing Portal Entries

    Hello and thank you in advance. I am using Filemaker 6 Dev. I have a global Field for the relationship and i have a field in the target file that has all of the keywords for the entries seperated by a return (they are on seperate lines.) What I want to do is enter more words in the Global field and have it Narrow the entries intead of expand. Right now if I enter "Lobster" and a return and then "Johnson" it finds both "...Dave Johnson...","...Devil Lobster..." and "...Lobster Johnson..." when I want it to only bring up "Lobster Johnson" in the Portal. Is there a way?
  11. We are having an intermitent problem with Filemaker reseting our printer and not printing. The 850 dp is a wax printer so you can imagine the expense of restarting it 5 or 10 times. We are running a runtime solution built in Filemaker 6 and using the same file open in Filemaker 6 dev. Sometimes if we open the solution in Filemaker it prints, sometimes we get the same error. We have had to work around this by printing to a pdf and printing from acrobat. Has anyone else had this issue?
  12. It still only sets the Date, but the others are left blank. But if I run Script Debug it sets them all like it should. I am perplexed. I have also run the update.
  13. I have a script where I am trying to enter these results... Date > Date in Related Table Name > Name in Same as above table ID > ID in same as above table All three related fields are visable on the screen which I am copying. It will only enter the results if I have Script Debug ON. If I have SD off it only enters one of the results, the Date. Any Ideas?
  14. Rikturscale

    An "Average" question...

    It is Sorted by "Day Name" and then by "Date" Then the sub summaries are... 1. "Date" "Totals" "off Average by" (off average is a calculation that I am using until I figure this out.) 2. Day name with the Summary field of total $$ made on those days.{this is where I want the "Average per day" to appear. They appear on the report in reverse order aka. #2 is printed above #1 This works fine as long as I do not call up multiple day names. If I do, it averages the same on all days rather that per day.
  15. I have a line items database. It has a whole lot of info that I can use to sort and summarize. Here is the problem I am running into... I have a report that gives me the total, in $, that I have sold for the day. Each Line item is sorted by date and it is then summarized as it should be giving me the total for each day. The problem I am running into is that it seems to be giving me an average per line item in the sub-summary instead of an average by day. so on days that I make $1200, $800 and $900 I end up with an average of $11.7556666. What do I have to do to get it to give me an average by Date and not by Line Item?

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