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  1. Hi, The company I worked for has gone into receivership and so I find myself available for development work. I have worked with FileMaker for over 13 years. Mainly as an in-house Filemaker Developer for several Print companies as well as the IT manager. I have devloped from scratch the FileMaker solutions that run these companies, including contacts, HR, quoting, attendance, CRM, Job booking, scheduling, project management, stock taking and Invoicing. These systems have also integrated with online web ordering via SOAP and external SQL databases via ODBC. They have used several plugins for email, bar code scanners, RFID readers. My last major project was using Filemaker 9 and server advanced and included all of the above. I am also fully versed in the usual IT skills. I would be interested in Freelance, contract or permanent work. Many thanks for taking the time to read this Steve McDiarmid steve.mcdiarmid@gmail.com

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