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  1. Pop-Up menu & Unicode

    I have the same problem in hebrew. welcome to the discriminated languages club .
  2. Field Menu Overriding

    Sure ?? I'll be happy to know how can I override/change name of the "Find Matching Records" function.
  3. Field Menu Overriding

    Is Anyone Have an idea :
  4. Convert umlaut to unicode

    Hi, I think that this is the function you searched . Take a look at this link
  5. Field Menu Overriding

    Hi everyone. i'm searching for a possibility to override the field menu (Right-click on text field Font,Size..Sort Ascending/Descending/Find Matching ...) I need to remove some items and rename/change others. I changed the Copy/Paste/Cut Item's names and it changed also in the filed menu. How can I do that ??
  6. Missing Features and Complaints

    What about Printing to a default printer (in windows) without a dialog box The current Print Setup step restores automatically the printer wich was default during the script creation. It's a HUGE bug ...
  7. Catch the Mouse

    nice ... :P
  8. FM8 Bug, Find Mode?

    On my computers it works. No bug Even On PC and MAC OS X
  9. Text Color

    Hi, Create a calculation field by this way : TextColor ( FieldName ; RGB ( 255; 0 ; 0 )) 255;0;0 is for red color
  10. Is anybody have a solution for scripting dynamic printing ?? (without external plug-in)
  11. Convert umlaut to unicode

    Hi, You can create a custom function that converts character to ascii code something like AsciiToNum("A") = 65 AsciiToNum("a") = 97 you can get the ascii codes here (found by google search). parse the file for getting two columns only (num,text) and make your function...
  12. how to paste text into a field

    Yes, It seems be the solution Thanks
  13. Hi, I have some data external to FM into the clipboard. I need to paste this data (text) into a temp field for parsing it. the problem is to paste text into field , I must go to the layout and pasting it there into the field. I need a function like SetField(Temp,Clipboard) (SetField don't request that the field is into the current layout) Any help ?
  14. Dynamic printing

    or maybe build a layout in list view. the header will be the top of the form the body will contain the articles and will repeat itself. the footer will be the end of the form. I didn't test it, but if the print form is'nt complicated I think that it can work
  15. Skype on PC

    was it helpful ??

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