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    scripting 'sort record' - not using restore

    edner: ok the users only asked for 8 reports.... but with the combination of user specified drop down 'find' menus my report generator can create over a million unique possible combinations. -ok i admit i have a problem.. but I'm not an addict OK... edner:thanks for the lateral lead.. I have the following fields/line items: monthDate className pupilName I create: sumChoice (for my tickbox with a value list of the above fields) subsum01_c subsum02_c subsum03_c I script a calc field for each subsum calc field (i used a custom function to save time repeating the script): i.e. subsum01: case(middleValues(sumChoice;1;1)="monthDate{returnSymbol}";monthDate; (middleValues(sumChoice;1;1)="className{returnSymbol}";className; (middleValues(sumChoice;1;1)="pupilName{returnSymbol}";pupilName; "") subsum02: case(middleValues(sumChoice;2;1)="monthDate{returnSymbol}";monthDate; (middleValues(sumChoice;2;1)="className{returnSymbol}";className; (middleValues(sumChoice;2;1)="pupilName{returnSymbol}";pupilName; "") Then a script using the valueCount function to sort the coresponding fields dependant on how many values the sumChoice has. This all works so far.. I hope to add content fields into the report by using similar 'case' calculations. The only problem so far it that is method seems to take aprox 50% longer to generate the report.
  2. mrafs

    CoreSolution questions

    thanks for answering the questions dbruggmann.... if I can ask more questions regarding this great document. in the 'project folder' it describes the following folders: requirements support files deliveries requirements can anyone elaborate briefly on clarifiying what they are? thanks again..
  3. I've been tring to sort reports based upon the contents of a field that the user selects (checkbox set). I started by saving various 'sort records [restore]' scripts but after typing over 100 scripts from the possible combination of 512 I got fed up and visited fmForoums. So all you kind bods of much knowledge? Is they a way out of this, can I script sort orders? Thanks
  4. mrafs

    Help a newbie make a unique records list

    I'm also a bit of a newbie - but: The best way I know of showing unique or duplicate records is with a selp-join. There are lots of articles here on 'finding duplicates' or the FM website or the FMP7 help. If this is not what you want prehaps you are asking how you mark records as 'new profiles' and navigate to them. This changes depending if it is a shared database, and what are the criteria of 'new' (date form today / marked after import / etc ?). And if you are using lists or portals to view multiple profile names on a layout?
  5. I'm trying to figure how to do a report.....that lists how many people are active each month. names.fp7 event name.fp7 event line.fp7 The event line has a date as well as a status field (on waiting list / active / de-activated). I know how to create a report listing activity broken down into months totaling how many people changed each status each month but not a running total of how many people active in each month. ideas please....
  6. I'm trying to figure out how to do the opposite of filter without several combined calculations. -need to remove some text from a global field (i.e. 23x 35x 83x (-35x) = 23x 83x) - the text I want to remove is a field on a current record. - its for marking/unmarking records tia
  7. mrafs

    CoreSolution questions

    humm.. just started using 7 - anyone brough some standards out for 7?
  8. mrafs

    ODBC Slooooow

    Hi, I have a FM6.4 client with FMServer 5.5, on intel 1.8ghz boxes, 100base network When setting up ODBC with WORD. 800 records take over 15min to import table. Any ideas? ta Rafal
  9. Thanks Ray TOP RESULT=01 happy bunny - I tried G_Sum (again) and found out that you can divide two G_Sum's and place the result on a report. the answer was: calc field 'GetSummary(SUM_TotalcAttendCountIndividual, date_year) / GetSummary(SUM_TotalcMonthYearCombiCount, date_year)' toddlepip, rafs
  10. Hi, I'm missing a bit of this filemaker report puzzle for an education database i am building. I want to generate in a report a yearly figure that is the average attendance of visits per month. This is a related database "attend_.fp5", all necessary related fields are set field rather than a direct relationship calc so GetSummarys can work. 2x part definitions ('date_month', 'date_year') Sort by ('date_month', 'date_year') The visit figure is defined as the result of a -selfRelate ('SelfID_Date_combi') -a calc 'cAttendCountIndividual' (1/count(SelfID_Date_combi::@AttendID) -a total Summary 'SUM_TotalcAttendCountIndividual' This provides one visit figure per day per individual even if the individual visited several times in one day. How many months in a year that visits were present is generated in a similar fashion. -selfRelate ('SelfMonth_year_combi') -a calc 'cMonthYearCombiCount' (1/count(SelfMonth_year_combi::@AttendID) -a total Summary 'SUM_TotalcMonthYearCombiCount' Now to generate the figure I need... If only I could calc (SUM_TotalcAttendCountIndividual'/'SUM_TotalcMonthYearCombiCount) and put it in a report that would work, but it does not. ideas anyone please......

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