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  1. Works in Single file but not SM

    The sub summary layuout parts won't show in browse mode only preview mode, and only then when the records are sorted by the field that the sub summary are based on.
  2. Pop-up List not showing in Find Mode

    I'm guessing you mean a pop up menu. I'm also guessing your value list is set to only show related values from the current table occurance.In find mode nothing will be related as your not "in" a record.
  3. Found Set and Creating New Records

    I would have thought you just needed another "go to layout" back to a table B layout after you've created your new record in C
  4. Multiple Finds w Linked Tables

    I would be looking to use the "Go To Related Records" script step to move from your found set in table A to matching records in table B
  5. Using Second Field in Value list

    And... Lists.zip
  6. Can't get into my database

    I didn't realise Passware was quite so destructive in it's methods! I guess it would have been ok to import the data, scripts etc out of the hacked version into an earlier backup.
  7. opening network folders

    try ServerFoldernamefoldername
  8. Portals Occupying Similar Real Estate on Layout

    Try the attached, I think this is what Vaughan was thinking of. Cabinets.zip
  9. Can't get into my database

    If your files don't contain confidential data you could email them to me and I could reset the passwords for you.( email address in my profile )
  10. Can't get into my database

    http://www.lostpassword.com/filemaker.htm I see there is a demo which recovers the username but not the whole password which might be worth a shot, otherwise it's $45.
  11. Can't get into my database

    If you have access to passware it can confirm the account names in the files. Sometimes that's enough to remind you that you've changed something ! It can also reset the passwords so you wouldn't lose anything you've done.
  12. opening network folders

    Try the "open URL" script step where the URL is the full name of the folder you want to open
  13. Can't get into my database

    What message are you getting ? "The Account and Password you entered cannot be used to access this file. Please try again." Means your username (& maybe password) is wrong "The account name and password you entered does not match does not match for any Filemaker account." Means you password alone is wrong. Don't forget the password is case sensitive (username isn't).
  14. Volume Calculation

    Aquariums ?
  15. Why can't I duplicate a table?

    Buy 8.5 Pro Advanced !

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