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  1. I am lost my

    I have a long regular tab text file where I have a series of records defined with CR and a series of fields defined by tabs. The file has Names of people and then their Roles. The list is sequential Name1 ... Name2... Name 3500 At the end of Names I have Qualifications Again the list is sequential Role1 ... Role2 ... Role3500 However not every record has the same number of fields. In other words, certain while the breakpoint Names_Roles is generally located at field 18, in other records the field position ranges form field 14 to field 24. I manged to add to each beginning of the Role sequence a Pointer The Pointer is "Role: " I imported the whole file in FMP as a tab file, of course I have no ways to tell in which field the pointer will end up. As the Pointer "ROLE: " is always from field 18 to field 24 I want to create a script which finds the Pointer (the word "Role: ") and tells a field (I called it MAR) in which field the Pointer is located. As the list has more than 3500 records and each record up to 50 fields, this is the fastest way I can think of to locate for each record the "Break Point" Sorry if this all sounds a bit cumbersome but I tried all night as I need to deliver this tommorrow. Thanks for your help
  2. I am lost my

    This is the script but it does not work unfortunately Go to Field F12 Set Variable [ $activeField; Value:Get ( ActiveFieldName ) ] Loop If [ Left ( $activeField; 6 ) = "Role: " ] Set Field [ ro_infos::Mar; $activeField ] End If Go to Next Field End Loop I Dont understand what I am doing wrong Thanks for any help
  3. I am lost my

    How can I write to an appropriate field the name of another field? the Get ( ActiveFieldName ) doesn't do this as using this Set filed (my_field, Get ( ActiveFieldName )) I get "my_field" into my_field as this is the Active Field I would like something like copy "Get ( ActiveFieldName )" to then go to my_field and paste that content, but I can't figure out how to do so. It seems as every function requires a field name, and I am lost. Thanks a lot
  4. Hi, I have a multilanguage database where I collect film information. Is called FilmDB I have another where I have the translation of names in different languages. This is NamesDB My FILMDB has several fields with the international names of actors, directors and other talent. Also I have a "glossary" field with international words for film making such as "cast", or "slate" or "grip" and more My NamesDB has an International names field (where names do not have acccents just plain english text) and several different teranslation in different languages and di9fferent encodings (including Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Swedish and so on). Both database are in UTF16. I tried to link the two using the field "int_name" which both DB share, and it's exactly the same. This to allow to display a page say in French, or Japanese an so on. I do this because (for example) actor Al Pacino might star in several films with different capacities (lead, director, producer) and as I add a new title where he is present, I'd like to autom automatically update the different translations of his name without pasting and searching the Names DB. This because I have several hundred different names and it would be great to be able to update automatically. thanks
  5. xml data imports problems again

    Hi Fenton, thanks a lot again. You are right, the problem must be a Tiger problem because (except for the http line which works fine as I take it off) in Panther 139 everything works again. At this point I don't understyand who I should complain to. FileMaker? Apple? all this software costs money and it's ridicoulus not to be able to have it working. I have another (small) problem which goes as follows. As you know, I collect information mainly from Amazon and IMDB, these sites use latin only encodings, in my own FMP database I add everything original I can gather from the web. This includes titles, but also translation for talent name. I would like to be able to link my "International Names db" with the Film Database These are the fields I created in the "International Names db" (all the following has no data just the fi8eld names, as this forum will turn in question marks everything non latin) Example: 1)International Name Francois Truffaut 2)Local Name (also latin names are different as they have accents and so forth) François Truffaut 3)Traditional Chinese Name 楚浮 4)Hong Kong Name: 5)Simplified Chinese Name: 6)Japanese Name: 7)Russian Name: 8)Farsi Name: 9)Hebrew Name; then I created a relationship so each time the film database reads "Al Pacino" it should input it automatically any of the translations I have in the "International Names db" in a table I created for this purpose, Both Database should link on the "international name" field which is exactly the same for both. However the link leads to nothing. To solve the problem I create a series of search scripts (find Francois Truffaut) and set the the various fields as they find any translation in the "International Names db". However this is really time consuming. Why my tables don't work? Is there something I am missing? Thanks again Dan
  6. xml data imports problems again

    Hi Fenton, thanks again for your help, however I still get that error unless I erase the "http" line from the xml data. Still I am unable to import the names and roles fields. You might be correct however, as I am using Tiger and I trust your tests. In any case how should I modify the "http" data which gives me the error to a local one? Can I do this in BBedit before importing it in FMP? Regards
  7. xml data imports problems again

    HI all, as I moved to ver 8 I can no longer import the previous xml database to FMP. The "array" fields no loger appear in my import window. I include here the original .xml file (as test.xml.txt) I am trying to import and the xsl file (as test.xsl.txt) I used succesfully previously. For instance filemaker dosent seem to like the following string: the message being: XML parsing error An exception occurred!Type: NetAccessorException, Message:Could not connect to the socket for URL'{(0)'.Error={1} Line number 2 Column Number 112 the line and number are either inthe XML input whic is: or in the XSL file which is: if I earase these files FMP8 imports the data except the array fields. What am I doing wrong again? Thanks a lot Dan test.xml.txt test.xsl.txt
  8. Importing Text files with CR

    I use Tex-Edit or Apple Text Edit. I prefer the previous as it allows creating Applescripts very well, while the Apple Editor doesn't even allow to see the invisible chars. However to convert to Unicode is always a problem so I usually do my preparation work with Tex-Edit but I need to paste the files in the Apple Editor as Filemaker doens't understand Unicode properly so I have to paste in an empty document formatted as RTF to than make it plain txt and export as UTF-8. Unicode in UTF-16 from Apple's text editor become garbage in Filemaker. In fact Text edit shows the Carriage returns as "c" tried to change them to n but it didn't help at all
  9. XML imports problems. Please Help

    BTW, I changed the template importing the arrays, because Filemaker wouldn't load and change the fields at the same time. I created calculation fields which did the job and a script which will transfer the calculated results back to the original badly formatted array fields. Regards
  10. Hi, I often need to import text data which includes carraige returns. I use the CSV or TAB systems and of course each time I get in troubles. How can I convert the CR in such a way that they will stay in the required fields? I use Text-Edit and converting CR to Line FEED didn't help especially because I mix Japanese and Latin ecodings therefore I convert everything to UTF-8. I suggestions highly welcome Thanks
  11. XML imports problems. Please Help

    Thanks a lot for your help!!! Everything works properly now. As for the 'Names and roles' I will try to work something out before importing in filemaker ... Thanks again
  12. XML imports problems. Please Help

    Here it is again: just one file from my dvdpedia database. The file name is original_file_J.xml. It contains 13 records original_file_J.xml.zip
  13. XML imports problems. Please Help

    Here they are: the original XML file including 13 titles all starting with letter "j" the converted file using your 2 css the FileMakerDatabase with so many errors Thanks again XML_Original_fileConversion_and_FMP8.fp7.zip
  14. XML imports problems. Please Help

    Hi Fenton, I downlded the files in my previoius post. I know the problem must be in filemaker because if every record has the same "format" it seems to work fine. Non working import Example the xml record 1 has datafor all fields the xml record 2 only has data in fields 1,3 7 the xml record 3 has data only in fields 1, 2, 3, 9 Filemaker will import field 1 as such for record 1 and 2 field 3 (of record 2) as his record 2, field 7 (of record 2) as his record 3. At this point I am not sure anymore because sometimes the next field 1 will land in FMP field 1, at other times it will simply disappear. Working Import Example XML-field-1 contain data XML-field-2 no data XML-field-3 no data XML-field-4 contain data In this example it does not place them in the wrong order, even if there is no data in the fields. So in the Filemaker DB the emtpy fields willbe empty and the fileds with data will be filled. All in order. After my tests: filemaker will just skip empty fields in the XML file, importing the fields with data one after the other, no matter what is the "header' for the field. Maybe the reason why Filemaker halts before importing XML filescan be that it looks if fields are empty or not, this is my idea. May be it only checks certain parts of the files to import. As another test, I exported from my original database (DVDPEDIA from www.bruji.com) one record at the time, with datain very different fields: if the record is only one FileMaker imports fine with everythign in the right place. Besides the madness of this workaround (I have about 2000 records) Filemaker doesn't treat XML files as a regular import. I need to open each of them and Filemaker will create one single database out of any XML file. If I did export each record separtely I will end up with 2000 databases with one record only. I don't know enough about XML or XSLT but perhaps a workaround could be to add some data if the file has no data. But this would require conditional importing bad example (not from a programmer) if isempty (UPC) set field UPC to 000 else next I am just expressing a concept here I am not a programmer. I wouldknow how to do a script in fileMaker but XML or XSLT Thanks again for your help
  15. XML imports problems. Please Help

    DearSir, unfortunately something goes wrong if the records I output are more than one. I think it's the way FILEMAKER imports XML files which creates the problem. After cleaning the original xml with test Xslt (or importing directly in Filemaker using your StyleSheet) Firstly: several recordsno longer go to the correct field inFMP andthey vanish during the conversion. In factin the origianl file they are all there. Second: Filemaker creates several additional fields which increase according to the number of records I input. Example: I exported all the data I havebeginning with letter "J" took off all the "&" as you suggested. I had 13 records and end up zith 468 fields in my filemaker file. It seems there is a "loop" which name every additional record with the string name, prefixing it with an "_". SO I have files with 13 "_"and the stringname (example, title) which are randomly empty. This wouldn't be such a great problem as I can erase them from the "fields" in FMP8, but as I am never certain if the fields are empty it's a bit of complication. I created a script which navigates everywhere and returns me the field names when they are not empty, but this doesnt really help. I think I should show you the originalxml file, the one I cleaned up and the database after the import. I can see you are a very kindperson,but I don't wish to distrub you at all. So if you don'tmind let me know. Kind regards MyFiles.zip

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