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    what do you mean by field level validation? i'm using FM 6 thanks, matt
  2. Wizard of OZ

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    BobWeaver: Thanks a lot for the syntax - very useful... another question: is it possible to limit by field, versus by record, what a user can/cannot edit via this syntax? thanks again, Matt
  3. Wizard of OZ

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    Thanks for the reply Ken, this doesn't work for me though, ... i am not using any groups, and everything seems to be locked unless i use a group... are groups REQUIRED? thanks again, Matt
  4. Wizard of OZ

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    Does anyone know the boolean syntax for allow/disallowing access to specific fields? If you are editing a password, you can select either "All Fields" or "Limited..." for things such as browsing, editing, deleting. However, if you select limited you are supposed to enter some sort of boolean equation - the syntax for which is not mentioned! So if ANYONE has experience with LIMITING PASSWORDS TO ACCESS ONLY CERTAIN FIELDS WITHIN A FM DB, please let me know... thanks, Matt Outdoor Sportz www.outdoorsportz.com

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