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  1. Hello all, I was wondering how I can auto-select a checkbox upon new record creation, i.e., upon Create New Record, a particular checkbox is selected upon default. It seems simple, but I am unsure on how to do it. Thanks! Courtney
  2. Understood. I guess I did it the old fashioned way. I've tried...
  3. LOL... the coffee part sounds splendid. I'd rant about my client here, but that is a whole new topic/headache. I created their DB to spec (it was efficient when it was first created), then they decide to change their minds every week... I am all about efficiency, and wish I had a clear idea of what their goals were in the first place...
  4. I have an invoice layout that contains repeating fields for quantity, style number and color. What I would like to do is summarize the quantities for each product (by style number) so we can obtain the quantities for the top purchased products in the past six months, and therefore know which products (and in which color) we should bulk purchase. The trick is (at least to me), since we use repeating fields, the lines vary, and the products are often listed on different lines from record to record. I am unsure of how to create fields on a new layout to summarize by product. I'm sure there is a simple solution to this problem, I just do not know FM very well. Thanks in advance! -Courtney
  5. This worked beautifully and without a hitch. THANK YOU, Bob!
  6. Hello, I'm a newbie, be gentle. I'll admit, I have a pretty messy FMPro 6 file, since the client's needs change every week, and I've unfortunately made a lot of "band-aid" fixes instead of making a nice, neat database. Anyways... I am trying to accomplish a seemingly simple task: to restrict access to particular records, according to the information in a particular field. More specifically, this client uses manually-entered job numbers that end with one alpha character to indicate salesperson (not the most efficient way to work, but they've been doing this for years and don't really want to change it). They are hiring an assistant for one salesperson that they only want this person to see jobs by this salesperson only. For example: Job numbers 3000C, 2000C and 2500C belong to this salesperson. Numbers 1000J and 1500V do not. We want the assistant to only access records with job numbers ending in "C". I was trying passwords privileges, but couldn't figure out what kind of calculation to use under "Browse Records:" (if this is the right place to do it). Is this even possible, the way we have it set up? Help!

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