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  1. I have the same problem as Piotr: FM Server on Win2000 box, 10 Win Clients, 1 MacOS X client, I need to store some images on a DB on the server but I want just to store the reference to the image file. I can set up a special SMB share accessible from the Win machines and the Mac machine so every client should be able to find the actual image file following the path stored on the DB, let's call this share "Image_Share". I understand that in the actual DB is stored only the path relative to client inserting the image so if I insert from the MacOS X machine the path stored on the FM server would be: /Volumes/Image_Share/img001.jpg This path makes no sense to the Win machines, cause they're expecting something like: //Image_Share/img001.jpg So, here comes the question: how can I translate the two different paths? Is there a way to manipulate the stored Reference to the image file in FileMaker? I could use Applescript and a double container field (1 mac, 1 win) but that would break the crossplatform scheme and I would be forced to insert the images only from the mac machine. They gave us a better support for images vith version 6 of FM but the real problem remains: there's no way to alter the reference between an external file from within FM scripting, you can import it in a field if you use Folder Import but then again is useless cause you can't change it. PS Please don't tell me to use some plugin, there are some really good ones (Troi Files Pl., etc.) but this should really be something built into FM itself. Nick

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