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    Using FMConnector

    Hi all, Anyone have experience using FMConnector? I downloaded an eval version and can connect to a copy of the database using local host but cannot connect to the production server (FM Server unlimited). The connect string is listed below, any help will be greatly appreciated. Set req = cn.Connect(Search, "", , "Repair Report.fp5", , "password")
  2. FMBeachBum

    History table

    Thanks for the response Detlev. Yes, I have look at several examples but they were not quite what I wanted. I was hoping to drive the update from an event (a location change) but I guess FileMaker doesn't support that. I know, I'm picky ;-P
  3. FMBeachBum

    History table

    Thanks for the response Tom. I knew it had to be done in a script but I was hoping to trigger the event off a change in the dropdown, guess not. I will take a look at the Troi plug-in and do some research on shadow files. In the meantime, how is Portland? I was working for Best Consulting out of the Portland office before we moved to SW Florida 5 years ago. I miss the place sometimes, don't get back to visit very often.
  4. FMBeachBum

    History table

    Hi all, I'm a noob here and am hoping someone can help me out. I have been searching the forum hoping to find out how to create a history table for an equipment inventory database but have not found what I need. The project consists of 3 tables: EquipmentInventory, EquipmentHistory and Locations (lookup). What I would like to do is insert a record into the history table whenever someone changes the location (via the dropdown). Anyone know how to do this? TIA for any advice you may have.

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