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    Thanks for offering help. Here's what I have done. I created a file called "Contacts" for all the patients into our dental office. In the Contacts file, I created a button that says "Create Patient Register." It opens a new record (via Extrernal Script) in the file "Patient Register" that inserts the unique info from the Patient ID number field from the Contacts file. The Patient ID is a serial alpha-numeric that is generated when a new record is created (i.e., when the office gets a new patient) in the Contacts file. The file "Patient Register" will track all patient services rendered, including procedures, payments and fees. That information will come in from another file (which is the next step I'm about to create) that will serve as a Journal for all entries for all patients. In the Patient Register file, there is a possibility that there will be changes (e.g., enhanced details of the description of services) after it is moved in and I'd like to be able to make some changes as necessary. What worries me is that I don't want anyone--since several people will have access to that file--to alter either the Patient ID or the shorthand name that also gets generated with the Patient ID. That's how we keep track of everything so it's critical that it doesn't get changed, ever. So in Access, I limited several things like deleting and creating records, but don't want to limit Edit--while still wanting make sure that the two fields in question don't accidently get changed. Since I am new to this programming process on FMP and am depending on a book, perhaps this is easy stuff! I guess I need to be pointed in the right direction. THANKS
  2. Is there some what to allow users to edit, except certain fields? In essence, I want to "protect" two fields only out of dozens. I am still a beginner at this and can't seem to find info that such differentiation can be made. I am still learning (but making progress!).
  3. Thank you all for all your help! I am making progress, but it is slow. I have to say as someone who has a Mac for its ease and graphics that Apple must be applauded for FileMaker Pro which it originally launched. Bravo! Now, if I can get this all to work. Do any of you recommend any particular book to purchase to help me through this learning process?
  4. Thank you all...I definitely have to read this all and absorb it. I am not up to speed. I am trying to understand why y'all recommend global fields. I thought it was the same operation throughout a database. Therefore in text, it would be the same thing data over and over in each record, no? I also am also trying to understand Set Field, which seems to be a paste function. This all started because we bought Quickbooks for our dental office which has a Mac, and it sucks big time. Talk about overblown promotion! So I thought I could grow up and learn REAL Filemaker Pro, versus just doing address labels. I Figured that I have done a lot of Excel functions and stuff, so to start with, the field I want to copy is a concatenation of the names, so that it reads, "Doe, John H" which it creates by putting together the three fields, First/MI/Last along with a comma and some blank spaces. Not too fancy. The idea was that Doe, John H could then be the Key relation. I'm new at this relation thing, but it seems that in our office, there are no two patients with the same name. Since we are such hideous typists, I didn't want to retype the name in what I am calling "Patient Register" which will be a running record (with description, item codes, etc.) of treatment provided, charges and payments. I thought that I could do a script that I could attach to a button in what I am calling the "Contact File" which is the name, address, phone, etc. stuff. When a new patient comes in, I would then, after entering the data, click the button and it would open up the Patient Register file, open up a new record and copy the concatenated data in the field, thereby creating a register for that patient in the other file. I suspect that I ought to find a course somewhere for this, that I have exceeded my "teach yourself" abilities....or I have to keep reading. THANK YOU BOTH FOR YOUR HELP SO FAR. I do appreciate that lookups, cuts and pastes, are not the smartest way to do this relational thing. That's immediately apparent from your comments! Regards from the Valley girl!
  5. I am a novice at this real Filemaker stuff, my 10 year experience limited to making mailing labels and tracking addresses and phone numbers, but usually I learn by doing, so here I am. And I bought a book, but it seems pretty confusing to read. So here's what I am trying to do, and I apologize if this actually is simple. I am trying to write a script that opens up a second file, opens up a new record and enters data from a field in the first file into a particular field in the second file. I thought the way to do it is to write a script that first 1) copies the data in the field from the first file, 2) opens the second file, 3) creates a new record, 4) goes to the field I want and pastes the info from the other file that I've copied. Where I get hung up is that when i use the wizard, there is no way (or so it seems) to choose the field name from the second file. Is there some other way to do this??? I assume that there must be because this must be a common usage. Thanks from Sunny Southern California!

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