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  1. Got it. My mistake. I discovered that 'Volumes' is needed before my drive name. Now to discover how to extract that within filmaker. Cheers
  2. A little late reply but thanks. Brings me to another question. I tried to use the script 'CreateFolder' with no luck. I have a field (directory) with the information 'file:/macdrive/Users/koen/Desktop/ttt/' With the create PDF command from filemaker I used this info to create a PDF. So pathname to the tat directory is correct. Now I wanted to use the 'CreateFolder' command. So after the 'ttt' I put 'newfolder'. So I made a variable $dir with the following content : filemac:/macdrive/Users/koen/Desktop/ttt/newfolder so I created a script line : set field [ test database::report ; CreateFolder ( $dir ) ] report is the field where I should get the result if the script was done successfully. As result I don't get a 1 or a 0 but ERROR. And the folder is not created. What am I doing wrong? Cheers Koen
  3. Hi, I have a little problem using the "ListAllFilesInDirectory( path )" command. It does not give an (visible) result. First I thought that it would be my lack of knowledge/installation. So I tried the "GetURLasText( url )" and followed the tutorial video step by step. All went fine and the "GetURLasText( url )" worked great. So now I tried the "ListAllFilesInDirectory( url )" again doing the exactly the same as I did with the URL script. So I created a calculated field and put as calculation "ListAllFilesInDirectory( Get(DesktopPath) )" script (resulting as text) but nothing shows up. I tried if "Get(DesktopPath)" would give an error, but that works fine. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers Koen
  4. Did anyone try FM Studio Pro with FileMaker 14? Or is there an alternative to FM Studio Pro? Cheers Koen
  5. timing a script

    Thanks!!! Think I have the answers I'm looking for now. Cheers Koen
  6. timing a script

    Ahh, that works! But something else popped up. To test I created 2 scripts #1 the on time script - set to 15 seconds and the call script #2 #2 show custom dialog "test" I also created 2 layouts. The first one has a "onlayoutenter" to call #1 the second has no starting scripts. When I'm at the 1st layout very 15 sec I get my dialog. So thats good But when I switch to layout 2, #1 should stop working, but unfortunate it does not. It continues popping the dialog very 15 sec. How do I stop that?
  7. timing a script

    But how do I run the timer script very hour? If I can run the timer script very hour I can run any script very hour right? And how do I do that?
  8. timing a script

    And If I use the OnTimer script this way : If current time = 3PM then run script i have chosen And I put the OnTimer script on a special layout for my little server. (as layout trigger) Or is that an too easy thought Ok done so.
  9. timing a script

    Sorry, I'll have a go on my profile. But the question is for a MacMini 10.8.x with FM Pro 12. It runs as a little server. And my user machines have FM Pro Advanced. What I want is that my server once a day runs a little script. The server itself stays (as long as i'm not busy on the server itself) in the same view of the database.
  10. timing a script

    Hi, Is it possible to tell FM to execute a script very day at 3 PM? Or a workaround to make that happen? Cheers Koen
  11. saving PDF on my server

    Hello, At the moment I have a nice FM file running on my little MacMini server. When i want to connect to it using the sharing function from a different computer, I want to use the script to create a pdf from a layout. Storing it in a special folder on th server. When I tested it on the local machine I used the save string : file:<directory>/<filename.pdf> And that works good. But how do I do it when I want to save the pdf on the server itself. I read something that i had to use a string like : fmnet:<IP>/<directory>/<filename.pdf> But when I do that I get a message : "document.pdf” could not be created on this disk. Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk What am I doing wrong? Thanks Koen
  12. Scroll in lists

    Thanks a lot. Have used the 'next 25' method. Works fine. Cheers Koen
  13. Scroll in lists

    ok thanks so far. But now a challenge with the portal. I have a list of all the records in my portal. (just created a new table (table B ), with one record in it and one field, and linked that field with a field of the first table (tableA)) Now I would like it, that I can click on a portal item and change view to se the details of that item. In list view I just had to say - Goto Layout Details But now this goto layout command does not work. Example: So if I click in the portal on item 10 I would like to switch layout to see details about item 10. In list view its just a layout switch, but not in the portal system. Any help? Cheers Koen
  14. Hello, At the moment I use a simple database and made it possible via IWP to publish it on the web. All seems to work fine. Well almost. When i see the records in list view I can not scroll through all the items. I only see 24 records, but when I want to scroll up or down to see the rest, it is not possible. Is there a way to get the scrolling to work? Or am I dong something wrong? For the info, I use FM11 for this. Cheers Koen
  15. Indeed the user is using the scroller wheel to switch from record to record. I have tried the OnRecordLoad script trigger, and minimized my script and it runs smoothly. And indeed FM12 is much slower in this case, but I have created and it is used in FM11 Anyone know why? Should I run this command as startup script if I want to use it? Cheers Koen

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