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  1. Got it. My mistake. I discovered that 'Volumes' is needed before my drive name. Now to discover how to extract that within filmaker. Cheers
  2. A little late reply but thanks. Brings me to another question. I tried to use the script 'CreateFolder' with no luck. I have a field (directory) with the information 'file:/macdrive/Users/koen/Desktop/ttt/' With the create PDF command from filemaker I used this info to create a PDF. So pathname to the tat directory is correct. Now I wanted to use the 'CreateFolder' command. So after the 'ttt' I put 'newfolder'. So I made a variable $dir with the following content : filemac:/macdrive/Users/koen/Desktop/ttt/newfolder so I created a script line : set field [ test database::report ; CreateFolder ( $dir ) ] report is the field where I should get the result if the script was done successfully. As result I don't get a 1 or a 0 but ERROR. And the folder is not created. What am I doing wrong? Cheers Koen
  3. Hi, I have a little problem using the "ListAllFilesInDirectory( path )" command. It does not give an (visible) result. First I thought that it would be my lack of knowledge/installation. So I tried the "GetURLasText( url )" and followed the tutorial video step by step. All went fine and the "GetURLasText( url )" worked great. So now I tried the "ListAllFilesInDirectory( url )" again doing the exactly the same as I did with the URL script. So I created a calculated field and put as calculation "ListAllFilesInDirectory( Get(DesktopPath) )" script (resulting as text) but nothing shows up. I tried if "Get(DesktopPath)" would give an error, but that works fine. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers Koen
  4. Did anyone try FM Studio Pro with FileMaker 14? Or is there an alternative to FM Studio Pro? Cheers Koen
  5. Thanks!!! Think I have the answers I'm looking for now. Cheers Koen
  6. Ahh, that works! But something else popped up. To test I created 2 scripts #1 the on time script - set to 15 seconds and the call script #2 #2 show custom dialog "test" I also created 2 layouts. The first one has a "onlayoutenter" to call #1 the second has no starting scripts. When I'm at the 1st layout very 15 sec I get my dialog. So thats good But when I switch to layout 2, #1 should stop working, but unfortunate it does not. It continues popping the dialog very 15 sec. How do I stop that?
  7. But how do I run the timer script very hour? If I can run the timer script very hour I can run any script very hour right? And how do I do that?
  8. And If I use the OnTimer script this way : If current time = 3PM then run script i have chosen And I put the OnTimer script on a special layout for my little server. (as layout trigger) Or is that an too easy thought Ok done so.
  9. Sorry, I'll have a go on my profile. But the question is for a MacMini 10.8.x with FM Pro 12. It runs as a little server. And my user machines have FM Pro Advanced. What I want is that my server once a day runs a little script. The server itself stays (as long as i'm not busy on the server itself) in the same view of the database.
  10. Hi, Is it possible to tell FM to execute a script very day at 3 PM? Or a workaround to make that happen? Cheers Koen
  11. Hello, At the moment I have a nice FM file running on my little MacMini server. When i want to connect to it using the sharing function from a different computer, I want to use the script to create a pdf from a layout. Storing it in a special folder on th server. When I tested it on the local machine I used the save string : file:<directory>/<filename.pdf> And that works good. But how do I do it when I want to save the pdf on the server itself. I read something that i had to use a string like : fmnet:<IP>/<directory>/<filename.pdf> But when I do that I get a message : "document.pdf” could not be created on this disk. Use a different name, make more room on the disk, unlock it or use a different disk What am I doing wrong? Thanks Koen
  12. Thanks a lot. Have used the 'next 25' method. Works fine. Cheers Koen
  13. ok thanks so far. But now a challenge with the portal. I have a list of all the records in my portal. (just created a new table (table B ), with one record in it and one field, and linked that field with a field of the first table (tableA)) Now I would like it, that I can click on a portal item and change view to se the details of that item. In list view I just had to say - Goto Layout Details But now this goto layout command does not work. Example: So if I click in the portal on item 10 I would like to switch layout to see details about item 10. In list view its just a layout switch, but not in the portal system. Any help? Cheers Koen
  14. Hello, At the moment I use a simple database and made it possible via IWP to publish it on the web. All seems to work fine. Well almost. When i see the records in list view I can not scroll through all the items. I only see 24 records, but when I want to scroll up or down to see the rest, it is not possible. Is there a way to get the scrolling to work? Or am I dong something wrong? For the info, I use FM11 for this. Cheers Koen
  15. Indeed the user is using the scroller wheel to switch from record to record. I have tried the OnRecordLoad script trigger, and minimized my script and it runs smoothly. And indeed FM12 is much slower in this case, but I have created and it is used in FM11 Anyone know why? Should I run this command as startup script if I want to use it? Cheers Koen
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