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  1. I am using Filemaker Pro 4.0 on Windows XP. It usually works perfectly. But sometimes it crashes (like now) when I tell it to print from the file menu. I will do a recovery and it will print a couple of times and then start crashing. Unfortunately, this is a work machine and I am stuck with 4.0. Any help will be appreciated. No problems on my Mac G5.
  2. JRIH

    Photo Printing with FM 4.1

    No, the file is on a CD which is in the drive at the time. Jim
  3. JRIH

    Photo Printing with FM 4.1

    I use Filemaker 4.1 to print photos on a form that I created. Suddenly I am getting JPEG error #53 in the photo container field. Anyone know what the problem might be? The photo files are JPEG's. Thank you. JRIH

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