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  1. unfortunately, i have fp 6.0 and this is the closest topic to my question: i want to create (i think) relational databases that are associated with each other with this situation: i want to enter a code (call it 'code 1') in a field. when i do that, a second code will be associated with it (call it 'code 2'). another field is a description of code 2. i also want it to work visa versa (look up description, and code 2 comes up). i have 300 code 1's that is associated with 100 code 2's. each code 2 has a description. i guess it's the same thing as someone looking up your telephone number (you also have 2 other numbers), and your address and zip code pop up. i want it work so you can also look up your zip code and all your telephone numbers show up. thanks, peter at peter2424@hotmail.com
  2. peter2424

    modifying calculation field

    hi jerry, yes, i could modify the source field, PSHx, but that would mean i could have countless of the same surgery in different years (appendectomy - 1999, appendectomy - 2000, appendectomy - 2001, so forth). the source field has numerous types of surgeries that i check off if the patient had them. then i want to modify the patient's data so i know when he/she had the surgeries. the PSHx is a calulated field so i could list the (checked-off) surgeries next to each other as explained in my first post. pete
  3. hi, i'm sort of a newbie (6 months ago, started this program and put it away because i was frustrated). my first question: can you modify a calculation field? as far as i know, you cannot. if so, here's my dilemma: i'm in the medical field and want to create a database for my patients. one field (past surgical history) that i created is a calculation field so i could print out the field horizontally (Substitute(PSHx, "
  4. ugo, i was using example files that 'queue' sent me awhile ago. in reality, i'm creating a medication database and want to organize each patients' (all) medications by organ system. for example, cardiac (heart pills), infectious disease (antibiotics), pulmonary (like asthma drugs). i have created two files (based on queue's example). patient history and patient medication; related based on their registration number. the fields are: medication name, amount, dosage (units), interval, and organ system. (a new field would be called 'medication_cardiac.) i created a portal record of 10 rows (for 10 medications). when i wrote the script, the script inserted the first drug that had cardiac as the organ system, but would not go to the next row. that's where i'm stuck. your suggestion: valuelistitems. is that created under define fields, or define value lists? i understand the Substitute(field, "
  5. hi queue, i'm stuck again. i'm using your example you gave me. now, i'm trying to list all the fields on one line, separated by a comma, in another (newly created) field. for example, if the meds (in your example, coffee, tea, beer) are given every 8 hours (interval hours), then i want list all meds in a new field called "8 hours meds". i wrote a script: Loop If ["Patient_Meds__PatientID::Interval_Hours = "8"" Insert Calculated Result ["8 hours meds","Patient_Meds__PatientID::Medication & Patient_Meds__PatientID::Amount & Patient_Meds__PatientID::AmountLabel & Patient_Meds__PatientID::Interval_Hours"] Insert Text [", "] Go to Portal Row [Exit after last, Next] End If Exit Loop If ["Patient_Meds__PatientID::Interval_Hours <> 8"] End Loop this script does not seem to go to the next portal row to obtain the next medicaton (tea) and list it if the interval is 8 hours. i also tried to create a calculated field: Patient_Meds__PatientID::Medication & Patient_Meds__PatientID::Amount & Patient_Meds__PatientID::AmountLabel & Patient_Meds__PatientID::Interval_Hours and then "checked" the repeating fields with a maximum of 20 values. this did not work either. can you help me out? thanks, pete
  6. thanks a bunch!! it worked. it's so frustrating until something finally works. thanks for your help, pete
  7. queue, i did. when i went to patient_meds file and looked under the defined value lists, the source of the value list name "meds" is from field; medication lists is from the patient_med file. i could not get into the medication list to edit it. do you know how? i want to know how i can add another medication, let's say wine. thanks.
  8. fenton, when i was going through one of the files, patientss, how can i add more 'medications' to the list? right now, the list includes: beer, coffee and tea. i could not find the med list to edit this. i went to the define value lists (under file), and value list name 'meds' had the source 'from another file' called "meds". where is that list? thanks for your help, pete
  9. hi fenton, thanks alot for the example. it helped me understand the relational database part. i might ask you another question as i create my database program at a later date. thanks, again, pete
  10. i'm new at filemaker and computer programing, so any help would be appreciated. i'm in the medical field and want to keep a close attention to my patients' medication lists. i am creating a large (ie., more common) drug list of all my patients' medications; i am going to create it as a value list and field format it as a check box (so i can check off meds for each patient). that's the easy part. now, as most of you know, we take medications every so often (every 8, 12, 24 hours). so i as i check off a medication, i would like filemaker to ask, "how much", and "how often" for each medication. i would assume a computation would be the best solution (if, 'checked box', 'ask amount'; i don't know the computer language answer). or should i do a scripmaker step? i'm new at computer programing, so please reply with easy terminology. thanks, peter

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