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    Set Field problem

    I created a report layout that allows someone to select dates from a drop down menus. There are 2 menus for the "From" date and 2 menus for the "To" date. The first menu (Value List)of the "From" choice allows them to select 01/01/, 02/01/, 03/01/ etc., the second (Value List) allows them to select 2003, 2004, 2005, etc. The first menu of the "To" list allows them to select 01/31/, 02/28, 03/31, etc and the second 2003, 2004, 2005. I have a set field in a script that combines the 2 drop down choices to arrive at the "From" date and combines the other 2 for the "To" date. Everything is working correctly except for the month of November. Part of the script also combines the "From" date and the "To" date for a search so, for example, it inserts 03/01/2003...06/30/2003 into a date field and performs a find. The script takes the user to a report layout that displys From 03/01/2003 To 06/30/2003 23 residents borrowed 42 tools from the center Any month I select appears correctly in the report except if the From date is 11/01/2003. When selecting 11/01/2003 even the To date doesn't appear in the report. If I select 10/01/2003 and the same To date that hadn't appeared it now displays because the From date isn't 11/01/2003. I can't get this to work. Why doesn't one value in a value list not appear correctly when the others do. Does it have something to do with it being the current month will 12/01/2003 not work next month. I even changed the Value List to 111/01/2003 and I get the message its not valid do I want to modify the find, if I cancel the From field appears as From 111/01/2003 so I know the script is working. Any body have any ideas? Maria
  2. Thank you Jim and Oilman! After looking at your files, it now seems so easy. I had tried to do it the way Jim's was scripted but it hadn't worked. Now I know why. There are many different ways to essentially accomplish the same thing and as you say if I had structured the file more efficiently, some things wouldn't be necessary now. Again, thanks. Maria
  3. I need to get a field name and its content and paste it into another field. This will be part of a script and the fields will be different depending on which one was selected and what option from its pulldown menu. For example: If the category selected is SAWS and the item from the list is Circular Saw. I would like to capture "SAWS: Circular Saw" and paste this into a field called Tool I've tried different calculations but I can't get it to do what I need. I am new to FM. Thanks.

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