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  1. Didnt mean to extract an apology! ;-) I think I must have been in the world of the web for too long where I try and save space eveywhere. It just struck me that as the scripted tab example has a string which at any time is equal to the number of the tab at the front. Then instead of hard wiring globals and having 4 extra fields, I could have one global that used $$_active_tab to grab the drink type from the tab names table, to then work in a relationship with the table containing the drinks. Just trying to be semi-clever-ish. But I think for the sake of trying, I am going to hardwire. Perhaps it doesnt work because the relationship is between two globals and not one of them is a constant. Although if i have a field which I have set up as a radio button I can do a conventional match using a portal. But if I convert this gloabl to a calculation that draws its value using the string $$_active_tab. It falls apart. Perhaps something to do with calculating values. Anyway off to put some hard wired globals in. - also meant that if I only used the tab names defined in a table I didnt need to add more relationships if the database got larger. Thanks for your help so far. All the best
  2. Thanks for taking the time to put the example up. I understand about relationships and I guess I could "hard wire" the globals. But I wanted to use the scripted tabs. like the link I have attached above, so that the relationship was drawn from what ever the active tab was. So:- A global field (equal to $$_active_tab) = drink_type hope that makes sense!
  3. Thanks SD What I want is to show in a portal on each tab drinks (records) that correspond to the tab title, so when on wine tab, shows records in a portal with the type = "wine", on beer type="beer" etc hope that helps!!
  4. I've been away for a while from FM and when I came back it had grown tabs - all in favour. With the techniques from the scripted tab example, they are almost there! ( 24 Scripted Tab Example Link ) I have three tables: quotes, drinks and tab names. Records in the drinks table can have a type value of beer, wine, spirits, softs I have a tabbed interface with the same tabs, beer, wine, spirits, softs taken from tab names table. I am using the scripted tabbed interface example as my starting point and have this working well. What I have tired to do is have a portal on each tab that displays drinks from the drinks db based on the field 'type' related to the current tab held in $$_active_tab. But I just cannot get it to work! I have tried creating a new field which uses:- GetNthRecord(Extend(drink_tab_names::Tab Name); $$_active_tab) in a relationship with drinks_type but to no avail! This is my first post and I hope I have provided enough information. Best - Jim
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