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  1. I'm new to FMP 6, having 'learned' Access for years (but never well enough to get my project finished!) What are the 'limitations' of FMP 6? I understand it's 2GB per 'database' (akin to a 'table' in Access?) and up to 125 databases (i.e. 250 GB theoretical total?). But....in Access, 4096 is the character limit in a function (I think that's what it is...); 255 characters for a field name; etc. Where can I find a COMPLETE list of FMP specifications? (i.e. limitations) Thanks!
  2. I'm VERY new to FMP. Is there a TIMER function? I'd like to make a database form (new to the terminology) that has Start; Stop; Resume; and Reset buttons; that shows the time in HH:MM:SS format, as well as in 1/10's of an hour (or other increment that I desire). Also, I'd like the 'time' to be such that it can be 'added' or 'subtracted' from other values, so I could see how much total time was spent (in 1/10's of hours, as well as HH:MM:SS). Also, a 'round up' function would be nice, so 3 mintues 44 seconds yields .1 hour; 6 minutes 12 seconds yields .2 hours; etc. I imagine many would find this helpful, so as full of an explanation as possible would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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