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  1. HI, Sometime ago I found a script in this forum (see below) that systematically submits all the forms found on the page. However, I've found that this script doesn't always work (i.e., doesn't always submit all the records on that page), if the user is on a mac, and sometimes it just stops submitting records. These problems do not occur on a PC. Does anyone have an updated version of this javascript code? I've copied it exactly as I have it in my CDML code. And the CDML code is correct, becuase it works on the PC. <script> var count=0; // function editMe(){ // var size=1+[FMP-RangeSize]; // f[3].submit(); // countdown(count); //} // //function countdown(t){ // static var count=0; // var f=document.forms; // f[3].submit(); // count++; // if (count<size){ // Id = window.setTimeout("countdown();",3000); // } // } // var s=0 // countdown(size); // } function countdown(t) { if (count < (t+1)) { document.forms[count].submit(); count++; } setTimeout("countdown("+t+");",1000); } </script> this is a tough one. thanks

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