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  1. Gee... So the answer to my question seems to be "yes", I wrote an almost useless function. I assumed that, as the content of the field changes I was going to able to attach a script , 'onObjectModify' and voilá, Change to x Layout. But, as ObjectModify does not works with calculation fields, the end goal of my function will be almost impossible to achieve. Thanks Bruce!
  2. Hello, at www.solucionesfilemaker.com/downloads/rotate-2.fp7 there is the script attached to the field. Best wishes, DD
  3. Hello Bruce! The function is called from a calculation field and yes, I've been using script striggers since day 1. The .fp7 can be downloaded from www.solucionesfilemaker.com/demos.html Thanks! DD
  4. Hello Folks! I came back from DevCon very enthusiastic with my iPad and FileMaker Go. I wrote a custom function that I thought would be a great time saver. It returns if the Ipad or iPhone is in portrait or landscape mode (it can be downloaded from http://www.solucionesfilemaker.com/demos.html) The thing is that now I want to attach a script trigger to the function and it does not work On objectModify does not work at all. Any ideas? Best Wishes, Diego D'Alessio Buenos Aires - Argentina (the southernmost FileMaker Developer of the world?)
  5. Hello folks! I'm about to distribute my 1st runtime and there is one thing that I need to get rid off I don't want Filemaker to ask the user name the first time it runs! Why does this window pop-up the first time the user runs the application? Thanks a lot for any help!!! DDD
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