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  1. I have been using my current database for about year and have a page where I attach certain files. No problem before, but in the past two days I have had FMP 7 crash alot when adding attachments. Why? It just shuts off and then takes forever to debug. Help me. I don't have time for this. (please forward to correct forum if this forum is not correct)
  2. That helped. Thanks. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks!
  3. I replaced the field already. But when I entered the script as a calculation field and go back and try it it says the field cannot be modified. Why? (in case: this is my script -) Case( Licensor Stage Status_Concept to Lic_Paper 1 = "Concept Submitted"; "C"; Licensor Stage Status_Concept to Lic_Paper 1 = "Concept Approved"; "C/A"; Licensor Stage Status_Concept to Lic_Paper 1 = "Revised Concept Submitted"; "RC/S"; Licensor Stage Status_Concept to Lic_Paper 1 = "Revised Concept Approved"; "RC/A"; Licensor Stage Status_Concept to Lic_Paper 1 = "Final Art Submitted"; "FA/S"; Licensor Stage Status_Concept to Lic_Paper 1 = "Final Art Approved"; "FA/A"; Licensor Stage Status_Concept to Lic_Paper 1 = "Approved with Changes"; "AwC"; Licensor Stage Status_Concept to Lic_Paper 1 = "Pre-Production Samples Submitted"; "Pre/S"; Licensor Stage Status_Concept to Lic_Paper 1 = "Pre-Production Samples Approved"; "Pre/A"; Licensor Stage Status_Concept to Lic_Paper 1= "Contractual Samples Sent"; "CS/S")
  4. When I try this with the field it is like the fields are idential. Field A (regular words...Item approved) copies that same text (item approved) instead of the abbreviated (I/A) to the Field B (abbreviated field). I inserted this in the calculated field when defining the field codes. Which field should have it inserted here (I tried it both ways) which field should replace "status". Thanks.
  5. On part of my database I am tracking the licensing status of items submitted to our licensor. In one field I want to pull the status from a pull down menu. Once that is selected (this is where I need help)I want another field to show the abbreviate term. I.E. First field will say Item Approved, second field will say I/A. I want it to automatically insert the abbreviated field when I select the corresponding status. I know how to do this with a script, but only if there is a button pushed. Is there a way to do it automatically as soon as the field info changes, the second field will change. Also, I want to select a color for the status. I want it to be red if it needs to be resubmitted and green when approved. I want it to be automatically create here in then in the merge field that has the same status shown next to the date. Is this possible?
  6. Kelly Fisher

    explain how to create a portal...

    I've done it before, but a couple years ago when I was learning FMP on my own. I've forgotten and the supplied text and help menus don't help me. To give me a good starting point, will someone first explain why we use portals/benefits of portals and how to make it. Basically how I would get started with the records in a portal. Please I need help as I am trying to figure out the simplest way to save some records.
  7. Kelly Fisher

    Seperate tables or portals (HELP) - please read details

    Yeah, that sounds right. To clarify, here is my new question or new way of explaining what I want to do. I want to create 7 distinct portals. I have 7 different product lines and want each portal to hold all the products from it's own product line. How do I set it up to reference and list only the products from it's product line?
  8. Kelly Fisher

    Seperate tables or portals (HELP) - please read details

    I have one record per product. I might not have been clear. I want to group the PRODUCT LINE (all the records/products that go under that product line). Is there a way to create 7 (or so) different "portals" or something that would lay out all the products in one product line together. I want to be able to do so I can sort by the product line (name, number, etc) and have obvious groups of each line? I am not sure if "table" is the correct terminology. In word I would create different tables. In excel, I would have different spreadsheets or tables on one spreadsheet. Thanks. (in a new layout, can I create a portal that would have these in table layout format, and then when I go to browse show in list layout?)
  9. Okay, I don't know how well I will describe what I want to do, but hopefully someone full of knowledge will help me. I want to create seperate tables that categories distinct bits of information. For example, it is a bunch of products. I want everything in product A to be in its own table, everything from product B to be in its own table, etc. I want to be able to have a title distinguishing them. Then I want to be able omit things that have been either canceled or complete. How do I create portals? and a script for these. I want it so I can easily print and see what is is currently in production by product line. My last boss did this, but I don't know how he did and I"m teaching myself filemaker. Okay thanks.
  10. I am sure this is a pretty basic question, but I am still teaching myself filemaker. This is what I want to do. I need to have a follow-up of records. So if I have a record with the date....10/10/2005 of when something is shipped, and I need to follow up 1 week later, how do I create a script so I can pull up only the records that fit the criteria I am looking for. Does that make sense? thanks
  11. I just moved from FMP 5 to 7 and have encountered some bugs. Are these normal? One thing: In one layout I put text in a field and realized that I wanted that text in different field found in a different layout. when I went to the desired layout and field, when I tried to copy the text and paste it, the text came through incorrectly. It copy totally different text from a another field totally unrelated. That's one problem. The second problem that I have encountered is that I just tried to export some records. There were only four fields. It brought in the information incorrectly into excel (exported as a cvs file). There was information missing, records attached to inaccurate lines and totally wrong text in the database (like it pulled it from a another field somewhere). It's all very confusing and seems like some major bugs. What's happening?
  12. Thanks for the replies. I figured that is the problem, but supposedly (I just started working with this company), everyone runs on XP and I am the only one enountering problems, although it happened on 2 machines. Hmm? But yesterday, I found we had a 4.1 version and therefore, I uninstalled 3 and installed 4.1. Previously I did encounter some problems with 4.1 when it was on my old machine, but have yet to use 4.1 on this new machine, so hopefully it works out. Should I locate updates for 4.1?
  13. Using Windows XP, I am trying to run Filemaker 3.0v5. (This has happened on two computers that have been set up for me to use, same problem). The problem is: As I try open a database that I created last week, occasionally it brings up this message: "The instruction at '0x77f58267' referenced memory at '0xfffffff8'. The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program." Then the program dies. And when Filemaker doesn't bring up that error, it won't even open up the the database I want to open up. It was just crash/close automatically. (This happens on any database I am trying to open up. The specific databse that I want open, I have sent over the network and have successfully opened it up on an older mac (OS8.1). But I can't use it on that machine, I need it on my own machine.) Any ideas. We have none.

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