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  1. Thanks for the tips!!! Mission accomplished. I love this forum. Ron
  2. I use filemaker as my database from which I sell business leads. I have one client who only wants businesses in a particular SIC code who also has a fax number. I have many fields per record including SIC code and Fax number. I am hoping that someone can tell me a simple way without using scripts which I've never done, how to do these in find mode. I realize to enter the SIC Code in the SIC Code field, but I have no idea of what to enter into the fax field. I've tried "=", and "==" as well as "=" with the omit button checked, but none of those work. There hast to be an easy way to say give me this SIC code, but only with there is a value in the fax field. Your help would be most appreciated!!! Thanks Ron Parker ron@helloron.com
  3. I have a very basic FM7 developer database of business contact records. It's so basic that all it is, is the database FM7 creates on the fly when you open a CSV file. I sell business leads and want to be able to distribute my sales leads via a runtime FM7 database. The problem is my database is so plain and boring and I don't have any custom navagation or buttons so it assumes the user knows how to use FM7. I'd like to have a professional database look designed around my data. I'm just starting off on this venture so I don't have a lot of money but I am willing to pay. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Email me if your interested with the time frame and cost. Again I'm not looking for something that should take an experienced FM person more than 4-6 hours start to finish. Thanks Ron Parker ron@helloron.com
  4. Help please :-( I'm trying to querry a database for various SIC codes. I have a field named SIC Code. My client wants me sort my database and locate 50 different SIC codes and I don't want to have to re-do the search 50 times. Is there a simple way to search by a string of all the SIC codes I want to find? Your help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thanks Ron Parker ron@helloron.com
  5. Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum and new to FM. I'm wanting to isolate incomplete address records I've imported into a new database. I know about the = find command. My question is how would I use that to query only those records which do not have a company name OR do not have a address OR do not have a city etc... etc... Any assistance would be greatly appreciated :-) Thanks Ron

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