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    Changing Output By Printer

    I have a DB that prints fine on most printers but not all. I'm using FMP ver 6v4 on Win XP and 2000 work stations, Server 5.5 on a Win NT server, and printing to network printers (tcp/ip). On my layout, I have text baselines selected for most of the fields. These fields are small and contain serial#'s and such. When I print the layout, some of the text baselines print and some don't. The text baselines show in the preview mode but some do not show on the printed page. Sliding has been verified off and the baseline color is black. The only specific type of printer having problems is an HP 4000 Series PCL6. Other printers produce a correct print out. I have the latest/correct drivers installed from HP and even set up a seperate tcp/ip port for the printer to install local drivers instead of the driver being installed from the server. Still no lines. This might be a problem between the NT server software and the Win XP or 2000 workstation. Any ideas or does anyone else have a similar problem?
  2. I'm trying to write a script to navigate from the main file, the user interface, decide which of 6 DB's has the actual file and goto the related record. Up until now I've known which DB to return to and written the main file script to have the related file script as the last line. That way I leave the main file and stay in the related record in the related DB. With six DB's to chose from I can't use the same method. I haven't been able to write a script to leave the main file and stay in the correct related DB. Any ideas? I use a work request# as a key field. Only one main record and one related DB record share this key. Unfortunately the related record could be in any one of the six DB. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. I resolved the problem without knowing what I was doing. I shut the DB down and restarted. To a novice, it seems that the relationships I was working on needed to re-establish on startup. The find in a related field works great now. I do like the idea of a self join and will apply it in a new portion of my ever growing DB. Thanks for the help.
  4. Having trouble setting up a find request on a related field in the child DB. Two DB's are involved, Customer Contacts and Valve Repair records. A CustID is the key field that relates the two DB's. One customer record can relate to many valve repair records. The related customer information is displayed, not copied in the valve repair DB. I'm trying to perform a FIND in the Valve Repair DB on the customer name related field. A layout is presented to the user in FIND mode from the Valve Repair DB. A customer name is entered and the find performed. What I want to display is all of the Valve Repair records that have the particular customer name. Now the find produces no records in the found set. Can this be done? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Found the problem. I was not using a calc field to continue the filtering process. Thanks for your help.
  6. Sorry for the delay in providing some feedback. The files were very helpfull. It took me a little time to sort out the calculation for a one file solution but it works great. I was trying to do the same thing but without the calc fields. I thought FMP 6 had some new feature that eliminated the need for calc fields. Thanks again for the help.
  7. I've looked through most of the posts in the value list forum but still don't get it. I'm trying to create a dynamic value list that filters the down stream field value based on the upstream field value. I'm using FMP 6 and trying to use the "only related values" selection. This example is given for two fields but does not work when the third field in the selection process is added. I must be missing a simple but key piece to the puzzle. The sample db is an address book. I want to click in each field and see a filtered list that is based on the existing records. The first field, Company Name is no problem because it is based on a self join and shows all field values in the db. The second field, Plant Location has a self join to itself and the "only related values" is based on the first fields (Company Name) self join. The value lists for the following fields are not filtered based on the preceeding choices. Any help would be appreciated. Test Dynamic VL.zip
  8. I'm developing a relational db for a repair shop. My question centers around the "MAIN" db as the user interface and the "CONTACTS" db which collects the customer information. The user starts in the MAIN db and selects a button to create a new record. The button calls an external script in the CONTACTS db that presents a layout in find mode. The user selects/types in the customer information and hits a button to perform the find. Three results can occur. Current record count = 0 then a new record is created in the CONTACTS db and the customer ID is passed to the MAIN db. Current record count = 1 the existing customer record ID is passed to the MAIN db. Current record count > 1 User has to select which customer ID to use. I haven't figured out how to write a script to run through three IF statements and end up in the MAIN db while exiting/halting the script in the CONTACTS db. The method of putting the external script as the last line in the existing script doesn't work with three conditions. The main problem is exiting the existing script and ending up in the MAIN db when a condition is true. Any help would be apprecitated.
  9. I have a customer contact database that I want to add new records and verify the record is unique. A partial list of defined fields are: Company Name; Plant Location; Customer First Name; Customer Last Name. Normally the operator will go to a data entry layout and select field values from dynamic value lists. In the
  10. Thanks for your help. Limiting the menu commands did the trick.
  11. I'm writing a script to export a found set from DB1 to DB2. Found set in DB1 will be deleted after the export. The delete is the problem. Many people use the database so a default password is used. Access privileges for the default password allow Browse, Print, Export, Create, and Edit. Only the administrator can delete records. DB1 and DB2 have the same access privileges. I need the capability to have the user click on a button to export/delete the records. I have scripted a buttom to generate the found set, export the records, and delete the records in DB1. The script will not delete the records because the default password doesn't allow deletion of records. How can this be done?

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