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  1. It used to be very important in previous versions of Filemaker to "Level" your inventory. If you didn't, your system would bog down. Does anyone know what speeds are like in 8.5?
  2. What am I missing? Doesn't any calculation that has a reference GradeLetter always need a particular field called GradeLetter? I have many different fields with letter grades.
  3. I have many grade fields that all require a calculation to get the subject grade transformed into a number so they can be averaged for the different semesters. The calculation I am using is: Position("FDCBA"; Left(fieldLet1; 1); 1; 1) - 1 + Choose(Position("+-"; Right(fieldLet1; 1); 1; 1); 0; .33; -.33). This works fine but I don't want to duplicate it for each subject. Is there a way to write it once (maybe as a custom function) and use it for all the subject grades?

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