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  1. Dear Paul, THank you so much for your advice...its sounds just like what I was hoping would work, so let me just ask you some little questions so I program it correctly. I will again make a relationship between the Invoices and the Reports. This relationship will equal the order date in Invoices to a new calc field you described... (orderdate > BeginDate and OrdrDate < EndDate) First, I am not so so sure that I understand this calculation..or should I just copy it in there? because in Reports I just have one field that is called orderdate, and it is a lookup from the orderdate info in the Invoices, so do i have to make another field called OrdrDate for this calculation? I understand that i will now make new fields called BeginDate and EndDate, this is perfect, I just dont understand how this calculation works. Ok, onto my final ? "Link to that via Global = 1 and use your Sum functions." Link this calculation to another field called Global and make this equal 1?? I am not so sure I understand this. I think I follow..."use your sum functions" because then I will use this relationship that was created to bring the information about each invoice over to the reports system, and summarize all:.. ok, thats all! Thanks again in advance! Best, Ami
  2. Hello and thank you for your help! I am at a block with this, and could really use the help! So.. I am creating a Reports database in filemaker 6. I have created the first report in the "Reports" database which reports on invoices created in a file called "Invoices". These invoices are created in the file "Invoices" but use a portal to record the information ordered in each invoice that is stored in the file "Reports". So, The problem is this. I have made a relationship for this first Daily report , which relates "Reports" and "Invoices", this relationship equals the orderdate (in "Invoices") to a field called datecalc (in "Reports") (datecalc=orderdate) In the reports file, I have made fields called, "Sum by day"...etc, that use this calculation to create end of day reports. This works very well, and has enabled me to create very comprehensive day reports that show all of the details of each invoice along with the sums of the invoices found. So, I need a calculation that will look at my choice of range of dates and report in the exact fashion that my Daily Report does. I would like to make this choice of dates in the reports database, and then, have this choice of dates generate a weekly report or monthly report. I hope that this has been clear. Please email me if there are any more questions, and thank you again for your time. Best, ami
  3. I am a developer currently working on a database solution for fashion industry professionals. I am currently seeking a programmer who can help me finish this database for its release in August. I have been developing the concept for this database for 5 years, so this programmer would help me finish up the details, and would be compensated for his or her contribution. I would prefer someone who lives in Berlin, as I do, or in Europe so that we can work together in the same time zone. Please email me for more details. ami@amisioux.com Thank you.
  4. The person could be a member of many different groups. I basically just want the user to be able to go to the contacts database, choose a group of people...perhaps by their client type, and then choose to invite all of them, sending the information to the events list. thanks ami
  5. Hello all and thanks for your help. I am a bit perplexed. I have created a sort of events mailing list database where you can compile lists of people to invite to different events. You invite each person by pulling up the event in a portal in each persons contact database, and then the information for each person invited is sent to a database called Events Lists. In this database, all of the information of each person is stored and is used for emailing, mailing labels, etc. The question I have is. I would like when I make a new event, and I want to invite people to it, to go over to the contacts database and find groups of people, perhaps by kind of person, and then once I have a found set of the people i want to invite, send all of their information over to the Events Lists Database. This would save me a lot of time in compiling people for events. Is there a way also for a check box that lives in a portal to automatically be checked once I pull up the event and invite the person? Thanks for all of your help, again, and have a great day! Best Ami FileMaker Version: 6 Platform: Mac OS X Panther
  6. Hello. I am in Germany, and the labels here are Avery Zweckform. I am on filemaker 6, and i want to find a plug in or something that will allow me to make a lyout for the zweckform no. 3425 labels... thanks for all help!! ami Version: v6.x Platform: Mac OS X Jaguar
  7. I had been trying to find a version of 5.o all day, because thats what exactly i thought you did....great! I am glad to finally get to the end of that one! Can I please pretty please email to you these clarisworks files, and if you can convert them in the filemaker 5.5 jimmy that you have set up..I will be so happy. I really need to get this finished soon! Can I email you? thanks ami
  8. thanks for your help...unfortunately my version of filemaker 5.5 will not open it! can i email the clarisworks databases to you and can you convert them to filemaker? can you email me, and I will send them to you? ami@amisioux.com thanks so so much.
  9. How do you "use the claris extension in filemaker 6?? I am really in the middle of this and could use the help! thanks for all!!! ami
  10. Hello and thanks for your reply. I am now going ahead and just importing the fields as big image blocks, but I will still have to work longer to layout all of this. I did try saving them as Clarisworks 4 and then i tried with filemaker 5.5, and they would not even open! Help? I wish that I could just import all these fields workable and then just update it in filemaker 6. I wish upon a star... thanks. ami
  11. Hello and thanks again for all your help! I have a friend that has made an entire database in appleworks and now wants me to help her to make it a filemaker database. She has so many pages laid out perfectly and if I have to re layout all these pages it will take me weeks.. Is there any way to just take the layouts and copy them to filemaker? I know i will have to make them work...as far as definitions and calculations...but just this layout help will really be great? Help help? thanks for any suggestions!
  12. Wait, wait...Wow...Oh, really, I just pulled out a bottle.!!!IT WORKS!!! Bruce R...you really rock...if you were in my home town, i would buy you a drink! I am so so so relieved. Its great. ok, ok. Next problem. SO, it actually worked when these day subtotals were in a trailing grand summary section, then they totaled all of the invoces that i had chosen. So, the problem is now when I want to chooose a group of invoices that will not necessarily have the same date..for example: I want to make the exact same idea of an invoice, but now actully for a weekly summary and a monthly summary report as well... what kind of calculation would match a chosen group of invoices when i choose a specific month or a range of dates. I thank you immensely for your time, and massive respect!! Ami
  13. Thanks for your help---i think we are close. Your solution sounds brilliant. I am just confused with this: In what database do i place the DaySubTotal=sum(InvoiceByDay::Subtotal) and the other calc field? In the invoices or the LIne items database. And is it the reason that in the calculation you use InvoiceByDay is because it is the name of the relationship?? Thanks again, ami
  14. OK, I understand where you are going, and I incorporated this idea into my reports. The problem is this: I can sub summarize this information for each invoice, by bringing the subtotals into the subsummary for each invoice, yes, BUT; what I really need is a daily report which is a total of all of those sums. I need to have this summary information for each invoice but then at the end of the report have a grand summary of all of those totals for each day for any given group of invoices, by day or by week or by month. I tried to make a Summary Field in the Invoices system that would be a total of the, for example Invoices totals, but when I put this into a grand summary, it just shows me the total of all of the invoices, not on the found invoices. I think the problem is that the invoice infomation is not stored in the line items area, so that it cannot summarize this information. Help?? Thanks so much for your time. I really really appreciate it! Ami
  15. I attach images of the database, Invoice and Invoice 2 being the portal and totals examples in the INVOICE database, and REPORT being what the way that the report should look. Unfortunately right now, the totals will not come up right, because the TOTAL OF TAX and such fields are just copied from the Invoice database and summarize ALL of the totals entered into the invoice database. I hope you can help.Ami

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