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  1. So, once I figure out in the customers.fp5 how to get the billing fields contents copied and pasted into the shipping fields contents, I should have no problems modify shipping fields contents within invoice.fp5. The copy/paste will have no negative effect on the relationship between customer.fp5 and invoice.fp5? As far as copying all fields: do you mean all fields throughout customer.fp5 or just the billing layout within customer.fp5? Also, in FM6 (mac) in Scriptmaker, I know how to copy one field at a time from one layout to the next but copying all fields would require continual toggle actions of copy then another action for paste within the script. So, should I create an action for each copy/paste of a field? I don't actually want the field, I just want to copy the content within one record and place that content within the same record in different fields: i.e. bill company to ship company bill address1 to ship address1 etc. So the one record would have the same information in two field sets.
  2. I am wondering if anyone has used FileBooks Link, the QuickBooks plug-in for fmp.6? If so, what are do you think? I know it will only run on Windows but does it actually work?
  3. I forgot to add. As stated, the shipping field in customers.fp5 must modifiable and also the shipping fields in invoice.fp5 However, if the shipping data in the invoice.fp5 is modified, I DO NOT want it to update in the customers.fp5
  4. I just found this site and I am hoping that someone will be able to help me. I certainly would appreciate it. I know there is a simple answer but it is eluding me. I have created 3 databases that all have relationships with one another: customers.fp5 invoicing.fp5 and inventory.fp5 invoicing.fp5 is pulling billing and shipping information from customers.fp5 and product information from inventory.fp5 All of that works correctly. I am trying to create a short-cut within customers.fp5. I have 2 layouts - one for billing and one for shipping. I am trying to get it so that when people create a new record and enter the billing information, it automatically fills the exact same information into shipping. I made the fields modifiable in shipping, in case the contact name etc is different than billing. I cannot get the fields to copy and paste within the same record. I have tried scripts but maybe I wrote them incorrectly. I know the answer has to be so simple as to jump up and bite me but I am completely blocked on this. Thanks for any suggestion
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