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  1. Lately some issues have come up on the ebase phone support and users email lists around a long term installations which now have unexplained crashes. In one I dealt with, the problem seemed related to MFC42.dll This is a standard MS dll (used by most programs written in C using MS C compiler) and no version of it on the machine would even let me even view the version info. The FM problems with abnormal ending and this dll were fixed by replacing the dll with a known good one. Similar issues have been reported associated with the
  2. Clif Graves

    Odd FM7 Portal Sort behavior

    That seems to be it. IF the relationship is sorted THEN the portal sort can force a sort in the other direction etc reliably. But if there is NO sort at the relationship, it does not seem to be able to stay sorted from just the portal sort.
  3. Clif Graves

    Odd FM7 Portal Sort behavior

    Ok I think I have it, though the why has me a bit baffed. There are two places where portal sorts can happen in a FM7 portal at the portal dialog and at the relationship. I started with the relationship UNsorted and tried to sort at the portal. This failed (well it sometimes worked for a while then failed..) but if I do the sort at the relationship, it sorts correctly. Brings up the question of what the sort at the portal is supposed to do vs. at the relationship.
  4. Clif Graves

    Odd FM7 Portal Sort behavior

    The deal is this, I use a filtered sorted portal on the left side of my layouts for a menu. What shows in the portal depends on a match between the "menuName" and "gMenuName" a global. The portal sorts on "MemuSort" a numeric based with numbers for sort position. Always worked in FM5-6 but in FM7 with the sort is set to "MenuSort" it does not. In fact if you open the portal properties and "reset the sort" it will sort but only stay sorted until you leave the layout, but upon return it is again unsorted. Is this just a bug in FM7 portal sort or am I missing something?
  5. Clif Graves

    FM7 Security

    Am I missing something or is the ability to manage login and password between files in a multi-file MF7 app much like previous versions in that user, passwords and IDs must be maintained in each file and that changing or adding a user in one file does not pass to other files in the app?
  6. Clif Graves

    Transfer Data between Tables in 1 file

    The way to handle "imports" between tables in a file is not intuitive. In a local file you can indeed open the same file you are in for import. By giving the import file name in the import dialog. For a hosted file the similar process would be to open the hosted file using the Remote button on the Import Open file dialog. But there is something that feels wrong in opening the same file you are already in for any function - you are after all, already there.
  7. Interesting, I am working with a friend, Todd Koyem to finalize something we call EPY or the embeded python plugin for Filemaker. The idea is exactly the reverse of pyFileMaker. We are building an embeded Python plugin so FM can do anything that Python can do. Dare I say 'one plugin to rule them all'. So far we have tested TK dialogs, holding 'globals' in py memory space, sending and recieving email and even trigering wav files. The PC version is doing well in our internal beta testing and as soon as som details involving the OSX vesion of the plugin will start in testing. The plan is to use the plugins in ebase (www.ebase.org) and to release the plugin as open source code. we demoed it at the N-TEN national con last summer http://www.nten.org/conferences-2003-sciencefair And it looks like it will soon be a go.

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