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    Third file related on two others

    Sorry, did not attach the description (cant find a way to do that). IDTflowchart.zip
  2. jlmc

    Third file related on two others

    Thanks all of you for your help. Yes, it really does depend on the purpose of the database, and it is a bit complex. I am attaching a description. Please note, I am working if FMP 6. I have most of it working, but need to fix a few things, primary is the Student file. Thanks again
  3. Hi, and thanks in advance for your help. I can't seem to get my brain around this relationship . I have a file [Contacts]. Each Contact could have multiple Children for which I have set up a file [Children] and a relationship that works - no problem. Now, a contact could be a Student. Also, a Child could be a Student. (Each record in these files has a "yes/no" field for Student.) I need a third file for Students where a record will be created automatically from the Contact or Child file when the "Yes" box is checked for someone who is a Student. This file will also hold other information such as Emergency Contacts, Medical problems, etc. It will also be related to classes, events, etc. I may just be stuck looking at this from one angle and not be able to see around the corner - hope you can help.

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