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  1. I appreciate your response but FMP 5.5 unlimited does work with IIS and web connector allows me to bring the pages under SSL. I have it working on a local machine for testing but cannot get it working for the server. You are correct about using port 591. I can use filemaker on the server. I just can't get the web connector to work and we have a client that wants to see his db served pages under the SSL. I am aware that this is less than secure, but that's what they want. Web connector is capable if I can only get it to work.
  2. I am running FMP 5.5 unlimited on a Win 2k server with IIS 5. The install seems to go fine with web connector, but I cannot access the config. page. I have tried both using the local host address and the server IP address and just get the old 404 not found. I checked the logs and connector is initiating at startup but is shutting down shortly thereafter. I have checked and rechecked the documentation (and there ain't much of it) and can find absolutely no reason for this. I tried installing on a win2kpro machine with IIS and it works without a hitch. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will be calling FM support, but I fear that if their response is anything like their documentation I will be wasting my $45. I think you guys in the trenches are my best hope!
  3. Thanks for your response Anatoli. I figured out that we need connector right before I got your message. Now my problem is that I cannot get web connector to run on the server. I installed from the console, but cannot get it to display the config page to set it up. I have it set up on a network machine here and it works fine but it doens't seem to work from the server. I have tried accessing by "localhost", the server IP etc. but no luck. I cannot find the page. Is there any way to tell if connector is even actually running? The log files all end with a shutdown so it is hard to tell if anything is actually there. Could it be just a bad install? We tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still have the same problem.
  4. Can anyone tell me what can be done to utilize SSL security on a server where we have FMP5.5 unlimited running using web companion. We have no problems serving the dbs with this until we try to apply the SSL. Then we cannot serve the data. I have searched and searched the FileMaker site and the only thing I can find says it is possible but no instructions on how. Any help would be much appreciated.

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