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  1. I have a runtime solution that I distribute annually to 100 users (entry/registration for an event). It has worked well when created in Fm8. Since it wouldn't work on Vista, I upgraded to Fm9 and re-distributed. It works on XP and Vista, but won't work on Win2K (I didn't know we still had them.) So I went to my old computer, re-compiled the files using Fm8, and sent that out. It still won't work on Win2k. Is it because I've opened the original files in Fm9? Is there a work-around to get a version like the previous one? I can't go back to last year's file because it's an annual update with changes, so this year's solution isn't the same as last year's.
  2. I'm trying to write a simple script that will import records from an external file into a table in a second file. Originally, I wanted to "call" the script in the external that found the appropriate set of records before doing the import, but kept getting program termination errors, so eliminated that step, hoping that was the problem. But no. I'm down to basics--adding only the script step to Import. I can specify the external file. But when I choose to specify the import order, then choose the external file name on the following screen, I continually get a program termination error box: "Runtime Error! C:/...Filemaker Pro.exe abnormal program termination". That exits the program for me. No damage seems to be done to the file. I've re-started FM7 and done a REAL exit, then started it again, same thing happens at the same point each time. Is there a solution?
  3. I'm creating simple subsummary reports including a CounterSum field, to get numbers of items within various groups. Not a big issue. EXCEPT that when I start a new layout, blank, and add the subsummary parts, the printout is leaving somewhere around 5 pages of paper between the first line and the next one... and the next... etc. If I dupe an existing layout and just change the subsummary definition and fields, it prints right. There is no difference between the new one and the existing one, except that one prints right and one doesn't... This may be the first time I've added new layouts since I started using Filemaker 6, so that may be part of this. I've tried recovering the file, saving a compressed copy, and drinking margaritas, and nothing has worked so far.

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