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  1. Well, it wasn't the type & creator. The web companion has the following: Type: FMXT Creator: FMP5 The Server Administration X has the following: Type: FMXT Creator: FMAD The fact that the types matched should have been enough, but I changed the admin plugin to match the WC. No different. I just can't get FileMaker to acknowledge the plugin. For fun, I installed the admin plugin on another machine in the office that has 10.2.8 and FileMaker 6. The plug in doesn't work there either.
  2. I have MacOS X 10.3.1. The administration plug in is in the FileMaker 6 folder -> FileMaker Extensions folder. I tried setting the file permissions to match the web companion plugin, which did not work. I only have one installation of FileMaker on my machine and I do not have classic installed. The plugin has a creation date of April 10, 2002. I can't seem to find any sort of update, so I assume this is the latest revision. Under "Kind" in the get info window, it is listed as a "Computer Admin Document" for a file type, I'm going to mess with that next.
  3. That's the other strange thing, it doesn't appear in the list of plug-ins.
  4. I have FileMaker Pro 6.0v4. I used the FileMaker Server 5.5 CD to install the Server Administration X plug-in, which appears in my FileMaker extensions folder. Whenever I connect to my server, the admin window notes on the bottom that I do not have the administration plug-in installed. I shared the same problem many users had trying to update the server to the latest release. The updater sucked and someone at FileMaker should be fired. Anyhoo, I had to do a clean-install of the server program in order to update it. I was hoping this would resolve my administration problem, but it did not. I tried installing the admin plug-in on another machine but got the same result. Does anyone have any ideas?

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