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  1. Forget that. Just found "remove admin access" :-) Cheers N
  2. Hi Just a thought but what's to stop a purchaser from using full blown FMP Advanced to open the file with debug operating and gaining full access? Having obtained admin pw from one of the lost password applications? Sorry if this has been discussed before. I did do a search and this was the closest I found. Cheers N
  3. niallmac

    Using " as Text in calculation

    Hi Is there a way to do this in FMP6 please? Cheers Niall
  4. niallmac

    Networking stack cannot be initialized

    hi Did you fix this? I'm getting the same error on a new FMP8 install. I've reinstalled tcp/ip and fixed winsock. Also tried re-installing and no luck
  5. niallmac

    Windows Compatibility

    Nope, you're right. Runtimes from 7 definitely don't work on NT Niall
  6. niallmac

    Is there a way to install FM7 on NT4

    Hi Jerry Thanks but that won't work. We're currently trying to "manually" install by registering dll's and amending system variables. If anyone has a work around it would be appreciated.
  7. I know it would be unsupported but does anybody know if there is a way to override the restriction on installing FM7 to an NT4 machine? I have a client ready to upgrade to 7 but would not be able to upgrade their network. I'd just like to see what would happen with 7 running on NT4. Any help appreciated A. StrawClutcher

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