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    Error #13

    Okay, so here's the latest news. We've checked every ounce of our code, fixed anything that appears as web scripting errors on our pe_application error log file and still no luck getting rid of error 13. In fact now we are getting error 100, 102, 112, 105 and 20603 every day, all day long. We need to restart the service at least twice a day with no pattern other than the error messages. These are not IWP error messages, these are FMP error messages. So in a conversation with FMP support (again) we got this really good guy who told us the following: 1) This is a windows specific error and FMP is aware of it 2) My ticket has been escalated to engineering because of the severe error codes being produced 3) I should cease doing anymore work at trying to solve this issue from a coding point of view, it is not my code. Which is a relief. Keep in mind that we are running a parallel version of the db on our mac server and have never experienced a problem after 6 months. 4) Error 105 is a memory error and we should set the memory to static from virtual 5) Make sure if you are using IIS that no other web servers are being hosted 6) We should patch to 8.0.3 to see if that helps 7) We should disable SSL to see if that helps as a temporary test only So if you are restarting your server twice a day as we were and we are still getting error 13 plus the others, then move off the windows server 2003 back to a mac. Also, rolling back to a one server configuration from a two server (one fmp server, one IWP) that won't solve this problem. The solution seems to be with a bug in IWP and a major one at that. This is so big a bug that we can't sell our solution to any other customer on a windows environment. This will cripple our business this year. Any one have any real solutions that they can share about error 13? Cheers, Terry
  2. tbill

    Error #13

    So, here's the latest on our attempts to solve the error 13 issue. Filemaker says that a two or three server configuration is not solid that a one server configuration is. So we are about to roll back an entire implementation to a one server configuration. The client is not happy about this and neither am I. I have several more clients ready to purchase our enterprise solution but I admit that I am concerned about the error 13. We've tried everything, removed every instance of a field being validated, we've ensured that the windows server is the latest with only a minimal amount of system resources. We've tried restarting it every morning at 6:30 but sure enough by 9:30 an error 13 is reported. So as I've said, I am about to roll it back to a one server config to see if that solves the issue. Our Mac server was a one server config with no problems so we're prepared to try this. Can anyone shed some light on what to do, this is very serious at it crashes the web server each and everytime.. Cheers. Terry
  3. tbill

    Error #13

    Hi Folks, I've called Filemaker and their response is that although they support 2 and 3 pc configurations, the 3rd and 2nd pc fail at times without any valid reason. The hardware might be an issue is what they have said. they also indicated that a one box solution is the best approach to solving this issue. Please note: they also said that they have no record of anyone else complaining about error 13 or 20603. they further mentioned that 99% of users one a windows box using 2003 server have no problems so because i am almost exclusive, it must be something I've done. My clients are huge and I have another client wanting my software in the near future but I can't encourage their use of the product under windows and they won't go to the mac so I am not a happy camper... Terry
  4. tbill

    Error Code 20603

    Hello, Did this solve the error 13 issue? I have done the same thing but continue to get error 13 this was not a problem on my XServe but only on my Windows based server. Cheers, Terry
  5. tbill

    Error #13

    Hi Folks, Okay so I've read all these threads about error 13 and I need to add some additional concerns. first, I was using my XServe G5 for 5 months without one error, I only transfered the databases to a windows server and right away got the error 13. Now each day this happens. I have reviewed all the scripting errors as posted in the logs and still error 13 happens. So I put the databases back on my XServe and voila, no problems, no error 13. I have a few fields with validations (not strict) but I've always had these and it's only on the windows box that this problem happens. Can someone explain what they did to make these errors stop? Is the fact that the Server and IWP are on separate boxes a consideration because my Xserve hosted both, perhaps the windows box should host both? Any thing would be helpful to me, should I remove all instances of field validation because it is a windows box? Cheers, Terry
  6. tbill

    Error #13

    I am having the same problem at a client site - here's what's interesting about this. We hosted our client's db for 5 months using the Mac Xserve dual G5 - never a problem, always working okay. We then moved it to our client site and within a few days error 13 popped up - they are using a Windows 2003 Server! I can't figure this one out yet, making me a very nervous man...
  7. Hello Folks, I have a db published on the web using FMP7SA and FMP8 Server. Everything works fine except when adding a record, the submit script returns the user to a portal revealing their submissions. For some reason the portal does not show the most recent addition. If i add another record, then the previous unshown submission is now revealed. The desktop version of FMP8 shows the record being added and on the users revealed list real time no problem. If I log out of IE and log right back in, the users reveal list shows all records correctly. Has anyone else had this problem? Cheers.
  8. hello folks, I've published a large solution using FMP7SA along with FMP8 Server on an XServeG5. My clients use IE 6.x windows XP SP2. The problem I am seeing is that at times IE displays 10 records of data but shifts lines horizontally so that they overlap. Not user interaction solves this problem. They log back in and everything works fine. Only 2 or 3 users of 50 seem affected and the 2 or 3 can be any of the 50. Has anyone else seen a situation where IE displays the data screwy for no apparent reason. I can't even recreate this even if I try... Cheers.
  9. I have developed an extensive project management database which produces a conditional list for IWP. Each step requires a 'set' which is used to establish the condition of the list. The web requires some way of knowing what your initial selection is, therefor my 'set' updates the initial value list and causes the other values lists to be conditional. Cheers.
  10. Hi Folks, I've been trying to access my FMP6.0 DB's in my LAN using the FMP5://ip.address/filemakerDB.fp5 with absolutely no success. I can see my databases if I use the File>Open>Hosts or if I type in my ip address, but I cannot see it if I type the FMP5://... information in my browser. As this is internal, firewalls are not the issue. My configuration is: 1) Windows 2k server (brand new) 2) FMP6.0 Unlimited using port 591 because of IIS using port 80 3) Databases are multiuser and set to share remotely 4) Instant web publishing is being used I'm hoping you kind folks can help me through this. Cheers.

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