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    ODBC with Access

    I can import and export a filemaker/access database but I would like to do it through a script or any other easier way so my users just click a bottom and we can have the information exchange. Version: v6.x Platform: Windows XP
  2. Josh Montano

    PDF Files in containers

    I have been using FM to store invoices and control them, but I need to keep them store so I scan them into a PDF format and then put a link in a container field in FM so everybody can access them through my server. but the problem is that the link works well for Windows users(who are the ones who insert the invoices) but the Mac users just cannot access them. What should I do??
  3. Josh Montano

    Summary in a Portal

    My questions is maybe very simple. I have a layout with a key field and a portal so I look for records in the portal that match with a that key, but I need to know how to get summaries from the records shown in the portal. jmontano@yasiro.com.mx

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