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    Last piece of the puzzle!

    Hi Underhat, Thank you very much! To unstore the calculation is the solution I needed, and it seems a very straight forward one at that. The Today function I did look at but wanted to stay away from because my database will be held on a server host machine. I am not interested in relaunching the databases each day. Thanks again.
  2. Willow_The_Whisp!

    Last piece of the puzzle!

    Hi Lee, I have already tested the calculation that involves the date field holding the calculation Status(CurrentDate) and if I use a global field in its place and manually adjust the date value I get the correct results. The problem I have is I want the date field holding the calculation Status(CurrentDate) to roll on dynamically day by day keeping inline with d/m/yyyy, as opposed to manually changing the date each time in a global field. I'm very sure this needs to be done by referencing the OS's date and time, I would just like to have the field current_date stay in sync with the system or at least reference it once a day. thanks. Willow
  3. Hi All, I have a fairly trivial aged debtors database whereby I work out how old a clients debt (0-30, 31-60, 61-90 & 90 or older) is. I have everything working as it should except(I feel so close yet so far): The method that I have adopted to work out how old the debt is in each client record is to use a calculation field called debt_age that uses a current_date field with the calculation Status(CurrentDate). I should mention at this point that the debt_age calculation works fine. The problem I have is the current_date field presents the date fine on the record initially, but if I change the date on my system (testing the effects of a new day), the date in the current_date field holds the initial value and does not update or refresh inline with the date change. Should I not rely on the Status(CurrentDate) calculation or am I missing something to trigger an update/refresh. I would very much appreciate someone throwing me a line with this. Cheers Willow
  4. Willow_The_Whisp!

    Defining calculation_field

    Hi, I have found the solution to my problem from the advise you have given. Thank you very much! The calculation I used: fields: difference = days since creation_date(or my invoice date). payment_amount_outstanding = outstanding amount client has to pay. calculation: Case(difference >= 31 and difference <= 60, payment_amount_outstanding, "0.00") This calculation is for a field called 30-61 and simply this field will display the amount outstanding if test1 is a match, or 0.00 if test1 does not match. many thanks for you help again.. P.
  5. Hi all, I have had a look through the posts and cannot seem to find a solution to this problem: I am using two date fields within an accounting database. The first field is an autofill defined field, which enters the creation date when a new record is created. The second field is a calculation field that simply generates the date today. I have another field called "days_old" which uses a Case() calculation to work out how many days it has been since the creation date (or my invoice date). This all works fine. The problem I have is I would like to define an additional field that displays a result if the value of field "days_old" is greater or equal to 31 but also less than or equal to 60. Is this possible? Can anyone shed any light.. thanks P.
  6. I would be interested in seeing it too. I'll catch it when you post it. thanks.

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