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  1. Thanks Robert. Your info works perfectly and solves my problem. Thanks again! Pete
  2. I'm trying to design a layout for a database in Filemaker that will be used for making a print copy of a portion of the database. Here is the problem: One field in the database (a text field) has huge variations in how much information is stored in each record. For example, the first record might have a short phrase while the next record might have a long paragraph. What I'd like to do is to set up the layout so it resizes the box so that it isn't any longer than the length of the record being displayed. If I can't figure out a way to do this, then I need to make the field box in the layout big enough to fit the longest record, which results in LOTS of blank space when there is a short record mixed in. Is there any way to do this? Thanks! Pete
  3. Here is the situation: I work in a school. We are trying to create a database to store our daily announcement list. Each record has a start date fiedl and an end date field. We would like to write a script that will select a group of records examining each record to see if the current date falls between the start date and end date values. Once it has selected the group of records, we want it to switch to a different layout and display the records. Here is the one sticky point: The database will be hosted on a Filemaker Server, and the documentation we have found so far, says that in order for it to get the current date, the database must be closed and then re-opened each day AT THE SERVER. Obviously, this isn't going to work. Anyone have any ideas? BTW - We eventually will be using this database with Lasso and our webserver to accomplish a web version of this also. Thanks for your help! Pete

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