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    Merging PDF files inside of Filemaker??

    Brent, Thanks for the response. I think I should have been more accurate in titling my enquiry. I want to store 1 pdf file in each students record. Obviously its a different one for each. I would then like to mail the unopened file to the recipient. I have Entourage and Outlook. I took your message as a right move and tried to open the pdf file with Graphic Converter to turn it into a jpeg. No Go! Can you tell me the name of a Utility to do that conversion with, please? I dont mind whether its a pdf or doc file. I have one and create the second using print to pdf which is a great little drag and drop desktop facility on the Mac. Not wanting to drag this out but again thanks. Colin
  2. Colin Y

    Merging PDF files inside of Filemaker??

    Hello Guys, I am a Univ Lecturere in Uk and have responsibility for helping a great number of studnets to find a job for the 3rd Year of their course. I have used FM3 and 4 for storing all the data I need of the firms we use (1800) and each year create a new studnets file. I now have fm5 on a PC for my assistant and 6 on my hgome and Uni Macs (both on OS 9.2) I would like to be able to store each students Cv/Resumee on his/her record. I have Word .doc Cvs which I convert to pdf using drag and drop on my iMac and G3 Powerbooks. I already have the students photo on their record. Ultimately I would like to be able to select and ouput a set of selected students CVs direct to Outlook/Entourage. Can any of you knowledgeble guys tell me how I can: store the docs or pdfs email direct out of fm Any help would be appreciated. Coliin

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