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  1. I need to serve databases to FM clients as well as via the Web Companion. This used to work fine under OS9. I now have all the databases on an OSX machine (10.2.6) running FM Server 5.5. FMP6 clients reach them OK. According to the Server Admin Guide, I should be able to publish these files to the web with FMP. So I install FMP6 on the same machine. Fire it up, "Open Remote.." to the Server files and enable the Web Companion. This does not work however. In fact, using some simple test files, I found that enabling web sharing on a non-FM Server hosted file prevents other FMP6 clients from seeing that file. Is this a problem with FM Server and FMP being on the same machine? P.S. The web access is only for intranet use so I am not that concerned about security.

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