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  1. In the event anyone searches for this post, I think I have an answer to my question. It's a security feature in XP / Windows 2003 that disables 'Send Mail' in FM: http://www.filemaker.com/ti/107790.html In may case, "perform without dialog" fixes the problem, but I do not get a window to preview -- it goes directly into 'drafts'.
  2. Yes, Outlook 2003 works fine and it's set up as my default E-mail. When I click on any button for a "send mail" script, it hums, gives me the "esc" option, then nothing. Any thoughts?
  3. I've just moved my FM database from Windows 98 to a new computer using XP. None of my "Send Mail" scripts work (with any record). Do I need to assign FM to talk to Outlook in some "properties" tab somewhere? Thanks!

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