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  1. I have version 6.0.3. My network speed is 10 MB. I just transferred a 40 MB file in about 30 seconds. So, Timbuk tu is the way to go? Thanks so much for your response.
  2. What if I have a PowerMac G5? I think I won't need a server class machine if I have this one, am I wrong?
  3. Hi Skippy: Have you tried refreshing the view? follow the next steps. To host files when FileMaker Server is already running: 1. Place files in the FileMaker Server Databases folder. 2. Windows: Click Databases in the Console Root of the FileMaker Server Administration window. Then choose Action menu > Refresh. Mac
  4. Good morning: I'd like to know how to move databases from my computer to the FileMaker 7 Server (which is on a different building). Both computers are PowerMac G5. I thought about using Timbuk tu but I don't know if that's the best practice. Also, I'd like to know what's the best way to make changes to databases, that are still in developing process, hosted on that far-away server . I will appreciate your response very much. Thank you. Rocio Moguel
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