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  1. Judging by the question, do you use a 24 hour click to avoid the whole "AM/PM" issue? I'm assuming that you already keep track of "Program_Date" and "Program_Time". Create one more field, call it "Schedule_Date" or whatever makes sense to you. Make it a calculated field, with "Date" as the result. Set the calculation: If(Hour(Program_Time)*60+Minute(Program_Time)<360, Program_Date-1,Program_Date) This should work to let you know the programming date that the show STARTED. To find the Program_Date the show ENDED, insert the program run time in the calculation like this. Set the calculation: If(Hour(Program_Time)*60+Minute(Program_Time)+Run_Time<360, Program_Date-1,Program_Date) This is written with FM6, and there may be a better way to do this in FM7, but I'm still on the old version. Also, you may have to convert the "," to ";" if you are using a different language version. Hope this helps! Paul
  2. Any chance for a few examples? f(757)632-9098? 1(434)322-8988? 0-11-895-333-7873? Thanks! Paul
  3. I was reading Lee and Fenton's solutions (and trying them out since it was new information for me! ) and noticed that I answered a question different than the one that was asked. If you are manually creating an email and want to be able to paste the text from six fields, using a global with an "Insert Calculated Result" script step will work, but instead of using a "Send Mail" script step, use the Copy[Email_Text] step to get the text to your clipboard. Paul
  4. I defined a global field as "Email_Text" then used (as you mentioned) an "Insert Calculated Result" to create the text of the email. In the "Send Mail" script step, just specify that the message is the "Email_Text" field. Works fine.
  5. Any chance for a screenshot of your report in Layout Mode?
  6. If the case statement is a cut&paste from your field definition, there's a " missing from after the second "active" in the Case statement. It looks like you need for your relationship to go the other way.... MainID <-- Rel_MainID As it is, are the records in "policies" able to determine which records are related? Maybe I just need more caffeine. Paul
  7. Damocles

    Multipage form?

    Have you tried using the "Link" command? My CDML has never been outstanding, so this may have a major flaw, but this is how I would try it. Use these as the tabs... <a href="[FMP-Link: ra]&-Format=Form_Page_1.htm&-edit"> Goto Page 1</a> <a href="[FMP-Link: ra]&-Format=Form_Page_2.htm&-edit"> Goto Page 2</a> Etc.... Of course, you'd have to design it in such a way that the user gets to these pages by first creating the record. The record number would be part of the link used to get to the page (and subsequently passed on...) Hope this helps. Paul
  8. Eileen, Grab the bottom of the layout body and run it up against the bottom of the lowest field on the layout. (move it up until it won't go any higher because the fields are in the way.) When the fields slide up and shrink, the bottom of the layout should shrink with it. Good Luck! paul
  9. Damocles

    Printing relationships list

    Just downloaded and used BW's database documentor. Worked great! Thanks! Paul
  10. There was a great (revisited and lengthy) discussion of unique IDs in the "Sample Files" forum. IF you want each record to have a unique ID, the solution presented is very well done. The subject line for the discussion is: "Unique Auto-entered Primary Key IDs v2.0" Good luck! Paul
  11. Damocles

    Does this sound buggy?

    This is a current issue for me, too, and it's driving me buggy. I recently added a DYMO LabelWriter to my system in order to print out folder labels and cover sheets at the same time. I thought I understood the whole idea of restoring print setup, but it's not working like I would like. I'm using two scripts. The first script, which was created after selecting the appropriate printer and printing a standard 8.5x11 page for a single record, is: [color:"blue"] Goto Layout Print Setup [Restore, No Dialog] Print[No Dialog] Perform External Script [Print Label] Goto Layout [Original Layout] The "Print Label" script was created after setting my computer to print out one label on the labelwriter for the current record. [color:"blue"] Goto Layout [Folder Label] Print Setup [Restore, No Dialog] Print[No Dialog] but it doesn't work. I thought the whole point of restoring print setup settings was so that a user wouldn't have to go back and manually verify the print settings, as I will likely have to do. If you have any suggestions, I'd appreciate them. Just to test, I created a global field, gPrinterSetting, and tested two new scripts. I selected the label printer manually and printed out one label, just to be sure. Then I created "SetLabelPrinter" to be: [color:"blue"] Print Setup [Restore, No Dialog] Print [] Set Field [gPrinterSetting, Status(CurrentPrinterName)] I did the same thing and created "SetSheetPrinter", too. Neither script "restores" the print setup or selects the appropriate printer. I'm about to introduce my printers and computer to my hammer! Paul
  12. Damocles

    Complex Calculation HELP!

    Did you ever get a solution for this? DO you still care if you find one?
  13. Damocles

    Favorites Listing

    Force of habitual typing! I frequently find that my "solutions" do okay, but that someone with a couple billion posts is able to do the same function with one or two well executed lines. Nobody's ever outright laughed at a solution, but it does keep a person humble. Paul
  14. Damocles

    Favorites Listing

    Here's an inelegant solution. 1 field, 1 script, no related files. Paul Favourite toggle.zip
  15. Damocles

    Favorites Listing

    Here's a script that will put the user's name in the field, but you will need to modify it (or create another one) to get the name out! I can't think of any reason why you couldn't just store multiple names in the "favourite listing" field. They'd all come up on a search. Paul Favourite Script.zip

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