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  1. All of a sudden for no apparent reason I am unable to load the console... get error status 500 I will try a Windows update for the server and restart but in the even I have to reinstall everything, is there a stored file that I can take a copy of that represents the saved Scheduled scripts? I don't think I have a reecent backup of them.... Matt
  2. Hi there... I have a table with about 350 new fields in it. All just text fields at the moment. I want to convert them to calculation fields... thats easy. I want to then have the same calculation (quite simple, something along the lines of If ( GetField ( Substitute ( GetFieldName ( Self ); "-product"; "product"))>0; 1; 0 ) " for every field Have I got to open up every field and paste that calc in 350 times or is there a simpler way? Matt
  3. Whats the quickest way to do this I'm having a mental block! 6 Fields in a record, each field contains a number, how can I use conditional formatting to highlight the top 3 Values?!? Eg: Field1 Field2 Field3 Field4 Field5 Field6 23 25 21 28 20 90 Highlight Fields 2, 4 and 6
  4. PSOS Performance Anxiety

    Count yourself lucky... takes me about 3 hours to export our datafeed every day (15,000) records.
  5. Syncing two Filemaker 15 servers

    I don't wanna go into details as it will give me nightmares but good luck... you're gonna need it!
  6. FM15 Windows - Mouse wheel not scrolling records

    No it doesnt... There must be a way to change this!
  7. In form view the mouse wheel is not scrolling through records... instead it is just scrolling the page up and down... how do you change?
  8. Needed Bandwidth for Ethernet- connecting two offices

    The best way to do this is by way of a remote desktop connection using a server as the remote desktop manager... anything else is a compromise.
  9. FM Server export images plug in

    Thanks Mike... you are the best... that looks perfect will check it out.
  10. Hi there looking for a solution to export images as a scheduled script from FM Server 14. The export file contents script step does exactly what i want it to do but alas, cannot run from server. Any robust plugs in available? I just need the field contents dumped into a local folder.
  11. I have some issues where the text label on buttons is missing :-(
  12. Script Workspace First Impressions

    While we're on the subject of searching I see the relationship graph has had zero attention...So it's still fun and games looking for a T.O in there!
  13. Script Workspace First Impressions

    Was a Find/Replace function really such a goliath task to complete???? Honestly, as others have mentioned... Some FREE code editors have had it for probably over 15 years! Unbelievable.
  14. Crashing

    Try the released non test version?.... Or do you mean you are using a demo?
  15. Bug time! (popovers)

    pressing that close button does nada.

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