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  1. Thanks so much, Bob!! I'll try it when I get to work on Monday. Blessings~
  2. Hi everyone, I've been working in web development for a while and away from FileMaker, and now that I need to use it I find that I'm VERY rusty! I appreciate any help that you can provide. I want to set up a field that automatically calculates a priority list based on an entered due date. For instance, if the due date is today or tomorrow, the priority would be Very High. If the due date is the day after tomorrow, the priority would be High. The day after that would be medium, and anything after that would be low. I also want it to only count weekdays, if that's possible. Can anyone help? Thank you SO much! Very best, TigerGirl
  3. tigergirl

    Adding information in new portal row

    I know this should be easy but... I want users to only information into a portal, not see the file where the info is kept. I have a button that creates a new portal row, but when I try to click into it and enter information, it selects the entire row and won't enter into any fields. I've got "Allow creation of new records" turned on. Can anyone tell me what I'm overlooking? Thank you!
  4. Hi all, I haven't ever used FMPs web interface before, so forgive me if this is a ridiculously easy task that I'm asking help with. What I'd like to to do is set up a web questionnaire that our customers can access. Ideally, I would create a customer record in our office computer, then send them a web link to the questionnaire form for their record. I would only want them to be able to view and fill in their record, not view or change any other records, obviously. I assume that information then would be transmitted automatically to our computer's database. Is this possible? If so, would we need to leave our office computer on all the time with FMP open? Thanks, as always, for your help!
  5. tigergirl

    Importing data from MS Word

    Thanks! This is a website development company and they want to be able to send out a survey to new clients about what they're looking for/how they want to use it/what customers want, etc. This is in short narrative format. The current idea is to email a Word document, have them fill it out, and return it via email, then import it into FileMaker so the answers are all there with the customer records. Your answers, though, make me think about how to get the clients to fill out the info directly in FM. Maybe a web form...? I haven't set one of those up before, but I think I could figure it out! Thanks so much for your help!
  6. Hi everyone, I've just started a new job in an office with a copy of FM6 on Windows 2000. They want me to build a client database that includes a function to take a client survey that's filled out in MS Word and import the answers into FM. Is this possible? I can't picture how it would work, other than possibly converting the questions and answers into an Excel format and importing that - but even that seems redundantly difficult. Is this a situation where cut and paste really is the best way? Thanks so much!
  7. tigergirl

    Server 5.5 compatible with XP?

    Thanks Jerry!
  8. Hi all, Thanks to this board, I know that the office I'm working in can't use Server 7 without upgrading all their files to FMP7, which is not in the budget right now. So we want to get Server 5.5. However it's not listed as being compatible with Windows XP. Can someone PLEASE PLEASE tell me that they're compatible?? Thanks, Tiger
  9. tigergirl

    Server 7 host older files

    Thanks for your help!
  10. tigergirl

    Server 7 host older files

    This may be a ridiculous question, but I haven't been able to find the answer anywhere- my office may want to start running Server rather than continuing with FMP's file sharing capability. All of the computers are running either FMP 5.5 or 6. Can we install Server 7 and have it run these older files, or do we have to get Server 5.5? I'd like to get something that we can grow into if possible, without having to upgrade the entire office at once. Thanks!
  11. tigergirl

    Creating a complex report

    Hi, I am making updates and upgrades to a database created by someone else and I think I have hit the outer limits of my abilities. I'm hoping I can explain this clearly enough so you all understand what I'm talking about! This database has about 15 files, and I think 4-5 of them are involved in this report: Client information - holds basic client info - name, address, employer Workshop information - holds basic event info - title, date, location Workshop registration information - line item that registers a client for a workshop Session information - holds information about breakout sessions WITHIN a workshop Session registration information - line item that allows a client to be registered for breakout sessions WITHIN a workshop Meals registration information - separate line item that allows a client to be registered for meals within a workshop (there is no separate meals file where the meals get set up - this is accomplished through drop downs and data entry and the line items that are created don't relate to a specific meal. Therefore, a meal doesn't actually relate to a specific event, it just relates to whatever date the data enterer puts in...this leads to the definite possibility of errors, but it's how it was created by the original developer and I'd like to leave it as such if I can.) So with that said, I want to create an event report that shows one line per registration with all of the related information - name, address, employer, sessions, and meals. My problem is that because each session is its own record, I don't know how to get them all onto one line. I want it to look like a grid where the sessions are listed across the top and the appropriate sessions are checked on each line. A further complication is that some events may have three sessions while others might have 12 - how do I create a grid that automatically accounts for the proper number of sessions, so I don't have 12 columns for an event with only three sessions? Finally, I need to do the same thing with the meals - list across the top of the grid all of the meals that actually HAVE registrations with checks down below. But the meals don't have any common reference point (ie - meal ID), just the date entered by the data entry person and the meal name and choice of food. I hope I've provided enough information. I've been stressing over this for days and I finally realized that there's a really smart group of people here who might be able to help me, if I can just make it clear! Thanks in advance!! Tiger
  12. tigergirl


    Is it possible to get a plug-in that would force FM 5.5 to read/write XML on a Windows 2000 platform? Thanks for any help, Tiger
  13. tigergirl

    Emails getting lost

    Hi, I'm trying to use the "email" capability of FileMaker but my messages keep getting lost somewhere between FileMaker and Netscape. Here is what I've checked so far: *I've checked the script and it is correct (same script works on a Mac computer). *I've checked the "Send Mail" entry in FM help. There is a [Mail] entry in my win.ini file. *SMTP is enabled. I think it's possible that I have to somehow tell FM that Netscape is my default mail application, but I can't figure out how. Does anyone know how to make the two programs talk to each other? Thanks so much, Tiger
  14. tigergirl

    Finding between fields

    Thanks Lee, I think that would require that I create a new field for the "exact" function. Is there anything I can do without creating a new field?
  15. tigergirl

    Finding between fields

    Hi, I'm sure this is a basic question, but I can't figure it out. I would like to do a find that compares the values in two fields (for instance, work address 1 and preferred address 1) and comes up with those records that have the same values in the two fields. I'm doing this over a network, so I don't have the option of creating any new fields. Thanks, Tiger

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