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  1. It worked, thank you. I was missing the quotation marks around the value list values.
  2. I have a layout termed job list that is set up in list view with all of the records. I have a field defined as terms. It has a value list defined with 4 values in a pop-up list that are: (1)Due upon receipt, (2)net 30 days, (3)payable at closing and (4)Paid, Thank you. On the same layout, there is a field defined as paid status with 2 radio button values set as (A)paid and (B)pending. When one of the three values in the terms field are selected; (1)due upon receipt,(2)net 30 days or (3)payable at closing, I would like for the (B)pending radio button in the paid status field to be highlighted. If (4)Paid, thank you is selected, I would like for the (A)paid radio button to be highlighted. Can this be done? Users are required to select one of the four values from the terms field, but not required to select the paid or pending from the paid status field. A script would solve my problem because I have a separate script that sorts the paid and unpaid accounts based on the paid status field.
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