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  1. Yes Delete the pics. In my case i have a button on a layout which activates a scrip which has only one command "import Picture []"(dont nominate a file in the script) When i use it, I click on the container field (set up to hold the picture eg field Picture 1, Picture 2, etc (defined as container fields) and then activate the script (the button) it opens up a window allowing me to nagivate to the pic I want (we use .jpg's but FM supports several file formats) and MOST IMPORTANTLY, MOST IMPORTANTLY, tick the box at the bottom left of the window that says "store only reference to the file" and click open. If you dont "tick the box" it imbeds the pic and takes heap of storage (but not as much as cut/paste). For it to work properly on the clients I have had to change the desktop shortcut to "start in" to the directory where the photos are stored, otherwise on the layout you see "cant draw XXXX.jpg - it apparently doesnt know where to find the file (on the server). As our reps maintain the photos (even though they are under threat of death if they dont "tick the box!) i regularly go in, change the "start in" directory to something else and go through the listings. Every one should say "cant draw XXXX.jpg". Any that you can actually see the photo usually means that they have forgotton to "tick the box" and the full image is stored rather than just the reference to the file, with the DB growing accordingly, and I delete them and make them put them back in correctly. Having said this I strongly suspect that FM4.1 (we are running a mix of 4 & 4.1) has a little bug where it actually imbeds the photo even though you have "ticked the box" - consequently I have "back graded some PC's to FM4 to try and elimainate the problem. FM - great! - have been using it since FM2 then FM3 now FM4. I know that FM 5 and 6 are supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread (by the way do you know was the greatest thing before they inveneted sliced bread???)but the licensing costs are pretty heavy where as now I buy FM4 or 4.1 licenses on e-bay for <$100 brand new still in wrappers as i need them. See how you go and let me know and check the file size of the DB to see if it is pretty big which would be an indication of this as the problem. Cheers and best luck, email me if you need further help Neville Dyke (visit us on the web at www.cynthiadykerealty.com.au)
  2. Hi Not sure if this helps but...... We are running a similar setup on FM 4 (and 4.1) with main apps sitting on server (not FM server) and 6-8 users. Run real estate businesss with our listings (several hndred) on DB and minimum 4 pics for each proeprty. Previously had problems similar to your problem where the DB grew from a few hundred k to 800+ mb which is when it continually crashed similar to how you describe ie server and users crashing, having to recover db etc. I was just cutting and pasting pics into fields which was why the DB was crashing and growing so big. I then changed it( thanks to the forum), deleted ALL pics and inserted pics using a script step "insert picture", store only reference to pic, instead and the DB dropped from 800mb to about 80mb and all the problems went away! Magic!!! All OK for about 18 months but have noticed that the DB has grown to about 350mb since then (at the same time that I upgraded some PC's to FM4.1 so suspect that 4.1 treats insert pic scrip step slightly differently from 4.0 but havn't had time to prove one way or the other, or get answers/explanation from the forum. Not a huge problem as the DB is pretty robust and doesnt crash despite its size. I know that inserting pics does make the DB grow huge as one of the files (have about 8 related files in the DB) I still use cut/paste (yes I know I am slack, just havnt had the time to moidify!) and it is quite large but only has about a dozen records in it (for rep photos). Not saying this is the answer but might be somthing to look at. I know at the time of my previous problem the forum said that FM 4/4.1 could support a DB up to 2 gb but was a function of the op system etc. (we are now running Win 2000 server and win 98/ win 2000 clients, but at the time of my problem everyone including server was on win 98 limited memoty ie 128/256mb) and we now have heaps of memory in both server and users. (I guess my suggestions are vaild for MS systems not apple so if you are running apple please disregard) Hope this helps Neville
  3. Neville D

    Import Picture script step

    I was thinking over my problem and realised that at time my problem started I updated several users (including the server) to FM 4.1. Is it possible that FM 4.1 had a bug in it in that "ticking the box" was ignored and the whole photo was stored rather than the reference only???. In the next few day (when time permits and I can get the users off the system - its like chopping their right arm off when they cant access the system- they cant do a thing without the FM database running - good reference for FM!) I will try on a copy of the DB and reinstall FM4.0 on the server and do some tests - any comments in the meantime??? Suggesteions appreciated or any other possible changes between FM4 and FM 4.1
  4. I am using FM4.1 on Win 2000 server with 6 win2000/win 98 clients running FM4.0 and 4.1 (updater 3) Had a problem with pictures which I was imbedding in DB causing DB to grow to 800mb. After advice from forum changed to import picture script with tick box "store only reference". DB dropped to ~20mb and everything fine (about 18 months ago). Noticed in last few months that DB had grown to about 400 mb. Checked to see that users were ticking box by changing active directory so that linked pics showed as "cant display XXXX.jpg" and for those that did show a picture assumed were imbedded and then deleted those picture. - Fine DB growing again so did a test. - cleared all "illegal pics (those that showed up as image" and carefully re insered them as store only reference to pic and checked file size again. Grown again and pictures inserted and not stored as reference??? I checked whole DB and older photos (>6 months) were stored as links only and recent photos imbedded as images (even though tick box "store only reference" set. Tt appears that the tick box "store only reference" now doesn't work and is imbedding pictures. Tried on the server and on win 98 and win 2000 clients and same result! I AM CONFUSED! What am I doing wrong or what has happened to DB import scrip step??
  5. Neville D


    Am using FM4 & 4.1 on win 2000 server & 6 users, operating real estate system. Use it for recording properties, photos, produce window cards, strip lists, preparing contracts, sales reports etc GREAT!. We have a simple window display rnning on a screen at night with a simple script behind it that steps through the properties and displays photos and text. Works fine. Want to go upmarket and in our new office (in by christmas) have say 4 displays (multiple video cards on a PC) with 4 separate "scripts" or whatever running showing 4 different properties at a time. Assuming I can install 4 video cards in one PC to drive the 4 screens, how can I address them individually from FM or run 4 scripts "similtaneously" on the different screens??? Am I asking too much? maybee for FM4? would later FM have facilities like this?? Any suggestions appreciated

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