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  1. How can I set and change the font of a merge field that will appear in a mail merge letter? Especially when it is a different font from the font as used in other layouts? I am having special difficulties with merge field numbers that are dollar amounts. I cannot get Filemaker tout commas in the right places of the merged 5 or 6 figure number.
  2. Just starting to use my new MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard and my new Filemaker Pro 10. When I open my old files I was using on my Powerbook running Tiger and with Filemaker Pro 8.5, text fields are showing all of the words underlined in red, even words that are spelled correctly. Can't figure out why. And when you use the spell checker, there are no suggested spellings for these common words. Any ideas?
  3. Perhaps I should be posting this as a separate query but it is related. I want to add a calculation field to a database that will automatically complete itself in date format to be a date exactly 10 years after the date entered in another existing field. How can I structure the calculation in the new field to get the result I am after? Steve
  4. I use a Filemaker database to manage a number of similar housing rehabilitaion projects with a co-worker. Each of us works out of our own home-based offices. We want to share the same databases and have total mutual access to each project database and essentially total functional access to each database file. The databases are straightforward, (not relational) if somewhat complex. They include summary and calculation fields. Each project database has about 600 fields, 30 value lists but only 500 records or fewer. We are concerned about security over the internet, but can limit the sensitive dta (social security numbers, etc) contained in the database. What are our alternatives? There must be zillions of small outfits like mine that need to do this in order to keep down the overhead and inconvenience of running and working from centralized offices. Steve
  5. That is, I need help designing a calculation field to count records that match multiple field criteria Example of what I am trying to do: I have a summer camp registration database I have records that contain, among other things, the following data for each camper: Sex of the camper Session attending (July or August) Grade of the camper If I want to design a calculation field that gives me a count of (the 4th Grade)( boys) (who will be in camp in August), how can I do that? In other words I want to design a calculation field that will give me a count of the records that match these multiple (3) criteria Should I stop here? Or should I say that in Excel I have used formulas containing nesting "if" statements to count the number of "records" in a spreadsheet table that match multiple criteria over a few columns. Here is a sample of such an Excel formula. =SUM(IF(($L$2:$L$338=$M$350)*($M$2:$M$338=O353),1,0)) This formula was used in the calculations related to the responses to a long and complex community survey. It counted for me the number of rows (records) in the responses where a person who had lived in the community for a certain amount of time, ($L$2:$L$338=$M$350) was within a specific age range ($M$2:$M$338=O353),1,0) Can I build a similar formula into a calculation field in FileMaker that will count records that match multiple field criteria? A calculation that will count up the number of records in the database that match 4th grade, that match boys and that match campers registered for the August session so that I can see at a glance the number of 4th Grade boys who will be in camp in August? chaversteve
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