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  1. ok kinda got it working, now, added another siled whre the outcome gets coppied to . is it possible for me to use alphanumeric serial numbers? and another thing donno if ya can help. i wanna be able to assign the serial numbers to easch product, i think i would just use the copy and paste function. but like i wanna be able to create the require number of fields accordinly to the qty? any ideas?
  2. Thanks for that, but i stioll cant get it to work, i see the logic behind it, but just cant seem to get the seril number to insert within the specified field. ie have the generated numbers inserted within the specified product serial number field? any ideas? thanks again "Z"
  3. Hi all i am kinda new to FM andi looked trought the forums and coulnd find the solution to my problem. this is what i want to do: background: i want to wirte an invetory control program, for computer parts, ie have loads of RAM for example and when the items come into the office there have serial numbers, these sometimes are in batchs, ie batch of 50 with sequeential serial numbers. so this is what i wanna do, i want to be able to have an auto incermental script for serial numbers which will auto incerment serial numbers accordingly to the amout that is entered in the quantity field. qty: [] start serial number: [] [generate] <--button this will the generate seial numbers for the products and then be added into inventory not sure if this is all clear but thats what i wanna do any ideas? "Z" thanks again

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