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  1. Dear Friends, the database is published on web with instant web companion. Concerning the broswer we already tested all options about temporary files and cache setting proposed by the broswer IE. we trayed also with netscape but problem persists. Error example. Records have a code field. The search for code 10200 gives four records, if I add a new record with code 10200 and than I make the same search for code 10200 the results gives 4 records and not 5 records. The new record is not shown. Please help us, with many thanks.
  2. Here my problem. The database is shared online by 3 user, each user insert or modify records. Each time we have to search in the database for one or more record and after the search insert a new record. When we repeat the search we do not find the new record, because the broswer keeps in memory the web page opened before with the first search ( see temporary files ) . This problems appears with all the option about temporary files proposed by the broswer. After each new record we have first to delete alla temporary file in the broswer and than we can check again the data. Does exist a solution? Thanks Sophia

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