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    Enter or Return key to activate button/script ??

    Ok. I've tried it in various forms and cannot get it to work. It pauses the script, but the "Enter" key does not continue the script. It has the "continue" and "cancel" options on the status bar, but the only way I can get it to continue or cancel is to click on them. It still just drops a line in the text box that the user is entering the search criteria into. I don't know if it is different on Macs vs. PC's, but I am running Dev 6 on Win XP. Any other ideas of what I may be doing wrong?? Thanks Paul
  2. pholgate

    Enter or Return key to activate button/script ??

    When i try this, after the user enters information, hitting return or enter simply drops the cursor down a line in the input field...?? Even after tabing or clicking out of the input field, hitting the enter key gives me a "Before typing press tab, click in a field...) error message. The only way I can get the script to resume is to click the "continue".. Thanks for any assistance anyone can give. Paul
  3. I have a layout with just one field and a button to run a script. I want the user to be able to enter data and hit the "enter" or "return" key to activate the button and run the script. Is this possible natively in FM 6, or is there a plugin that will accomplish it? Thanks Paul

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